Your Wealth Lies Exposed: How To Attract More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!

    I’ve just shot a new video for you on my tour of the beautiful temples at Siem Reap, Cambodia. In this video, I expose some of the “wealth lies” currently infecting the mass consciousness, and how you can immunize yourself against their damaging effects! (And they’re probably not what you think either…)

    With this one powerful insight, you’ll eliminate 90% of the stress and worry around money that so many of us struggle with these days. You’ll feel so much freer inside when it comes to creating more financial abundance — and the best part — you may actually begin to love the process of creating wealth like never before too! I hope you enjoy it. It’s all revealed in my new video below —

    After watching, check out this link for more on my awesome Meditations For Manifesting program 🙂


    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Do let me know in the comments section below:

    1. What wealth lies WERE holding you back?
    2. What do you choose to create financially as of right now?
    3. Any other comments, questions or feedback appreciated 🙂

      26 Responses to “Your Wealth Lies Exposed: How To Attract More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

      1. Hey,

        Hope you enjoyed the video! Looking forward to your comment. It’s bedtime here now but I’ll take another look tomorrow.


      2. Myrna Rettegi says:

        Hi Matt,

        It was great to see you in person and get a face to the recordings of your free meditation
        exercises you used to give. I really enjoyed them especially the one where you tell us to
        smile and imagine every one of our trillion or more cells we have in our bodies to smile
        also. I got a great kick out of that and although I do not know how to meditate correctly,
        I do do that one.

        I felt very bad to see those beautiful girls being influenced into doing what they were doing.
        What they really need is a chance to hear the Gospel message. God is our provider and
        always will be. You have to have faith that His will will be done. Schemes to manifest
        wealth maybe works for a small time but in the end is death and what does your wealth
        do you. It is all there in the Good book!! One just has to read it and let the Holy Spirit
        interpret it for you.

        God bless you Matt and give you wisdom from above.

        Nice to see you over the internet.

        Myrna Rettegi

      3. pete says:

        Sorry Matt, but I missed the “one powerful insight”. Or was it that there is an abundance of everything, no limit?

      4. Gisela says:

        Hi Matt,
        what an amazing video you shot right from the other part from the globe! It’s really inspiring! As I am a “inward” and outer wolrd explorer too, I am happy to learn from guys like you to dive deeper into the field of LOA, using meditation and mental repattering skills to transform old blocks holding me back to attract everything into my life I want that could make me happy, alive and full of energy. (Like you exposed in your video). I thank you for letting me become more aware what I am still missing.

        Best regards, Gisela+++

      5. Marianne says:

        It always amazes me how little people understand other cultures. You cannot come from a capitalist country and use the same norms in an eastern country. It is a different game and a different mentality. The eastern people know how to make money in our system. The ball game is very different in their system. I know you don’t mean it, but it came over to me as a little egoistic. We westerners have tramped enough over others. What I saw interpreted as ignorance and a feeling of lack, was in fact, the extreme politeness of the eaat. Things are not as simple as they seem my friend and also, these people don’t think in a capitalistic sense. They are only playing your game because they think that is what you want them to do. Their culture is very subtle and not as simple as you imagine. Many don’t want to be rich. Just happy and good people. It is enough for them. Life is not so simple my friend. Human- beings are very varied and very complex. Money only has the value of those who use it – no more and no less.

      6. Sam Cheemala says:

        I totally agree with what Marianne said about the life and culture of people of the east.I am sorry t say this.Bt your assessment is a bit off the mark. Anyhow Thanks for the very good video.We rarely come across sch realistic footage.

      7. Aly says:

        I do understand what you are trying to convey and totally get why you chose these scenes in your video to do so. You were certainly NOT saying anyone was ignorant as stated above, you were merely displaying that each and every culture has its own label on Lack and Scarcity. Whether its learning to hustle, helping you find inner peace, being a guide or any of the other things people are taught, it all is based around the fear of not having enough. It is very rare to see those who truly have a job doing what they love and have passion for and at the end of the day, loving what you do and making the “push for money” a non focus, will make you more successful the most.
        Perception is an amazing thing, as amazing as free will. I perceive you and your video as a wonderful gift to the world in trying to create a better understanding or even an eye opener to some, in what a persons belief about money can create in their lives.

        Thank you

      8. Yvonne says:

        Thanks for that footage Mat. I agree with what you said.

        So I will off and buy one of your meditation tapes to clear my fear of being wealthy. Thanks again.

      9. Cindy says:

        Could you advise me where to get the free meditation that Myrna said above “. I really enjoyed them especially the one where you tell us to
        smile and imagine every one of our trillion or more cells we have in our bodies to smile
        also. I got a great kick out of that and although I do not know how to meditate correctly,
        I do do that one.”

        I won’t come back to his blog post so could you email me directly with the link if possible.

        Thanks for he interesting video but unfortunately I didn’t really understand the message.

      10. Reuben says:

        What surprises me about Marianne is the fact that she is “surprised” about how little people understand other cultures. She seems naive. This phenomenon is worldwide, Marianne and, certainly, not limited to westerners. A little more compassion of all people on your part would be helpful instead of criticism. The egotism seems to be emanating from your own perception.

      11. mahendra singh says:

        Dear Matt, I really like this video about money. What I could understand is the motivation behind to earn money. Different people have different motivations for money. But no one understand one fact that do we need motivation for money or money motivates us? anyway it is a wonderful video which teaches what money means to different people.

      12. Good morning! I see I’m waking up to some controversy 🙂

        First of all, thanks for all the comments and words of support. Whether you agree with me on this occasion or not, I appreciate your feedback very much.

        Pete, you asked for clarification on the “big insight” and maybe I’ll do more videos on this if people show an interest? (Let me know!) Here it is. The mass consciousness is continually perpetuating a bunch of lies about wealth that are actually holding you back and hurting your success. The big insight is that you don’t have to buy any of it, or in other words, you can “live your own truth.” (This also means you don’t have to buy my perspective, or anyone else’s, either.)

        That said, with regards Siem Reap, my perspective is that the interactions featured in my video were all scams, and extremely blatant ones at that. Sorry, but I didn’t believe the taxi driver pushing his lie that “Only 1% don’t die in road accidents”. Baloney! And I certainly didn’t buy the fake monk in the temple. Sorry, but she was NOT a monk and had nothing to do with that temple. And the children outside Angkor Wat. Yes, they are adorable, but trust me – they are a well-organized gang and they are extremely adept at extracting your cash VERY quickly.

        Now I’m NOT saying one shouldn’t be generous, share and help people. I’m saying don’t believe the lies and if you want to be generous, let the generosity be self-initiated.

        If you don’t believe me that these examples were scams, there were actually several more “deleted scenes” that didn’t make it into the final cut that were even more blatant. For example, the tuk tuk and his friend driver initially lied to my face and told me that I could not buy my ticket to Angkor Wat from the location itself and that I had to buy through him! When I called him on it, his basic response was “If you’re stupid enough to believe it, then you deserve what you get.” Another example is the infamous mini-bus scam from Khaosan Road, Bangkok to Siem Reap (which I neglected to take) described in detail here:

        The irony is that I would easily have paid DOUBLE the amount they are going to so much trouble to scam, just for the ease of a hassle-free journey! And, I’m sure it would be 10 times easier for THEM to deliver too. Just another example of how negative programming around wealth actually stops you from having a ton more than you think you can.

        Now I also want to be crystal clear that the Cambodian people are generally very awesome! In my experience, once you get to know them, they are generally great people who care a great deal for their tribes and families.

        Anyways, I think the question to ask is not “Are they really that bad?” (because those kids were adorable, weren’t they?) But rather, “Do we, in more developed countries, ultimately act any different?”

        Do we in the West not devote 90% of EVERY DAY, if not 90% of our ENTIRE LIVES to the endless pursuit of more and more money? Who then is more possessed by the Money Demon? Really, I know millionaires who (at times at least) feel unsatisfied with all that they have. This basic scarcity-programming really has NOTHING to do with how rich or poor you are at present or where in the world you come from.

        In my experience, the scarcity-based driver for wealth is “SAME SAME” 🙂 no matter what the culture. Of course the lies we tell ourselves and others in the West are usually more sophisticated, but the deeper level lie of scarcity and the FALSE belief that one needs to push, and even tell lies to get what we want, is still what’s driving most of us. The mini-bus scam story I think proves that one can do much better without the pushing and forcing, that is, when we’re clear enough to see the real opportunities, and we’re truly caring for our clients’ best interests.

        Anyways, thanks for all your comments so far. I just want to reiterate that you don’t need to buy my perspective on any this. I share it with you only in the hope of demonstrating how we’re all being enslaved by the Money Demon, and how we might go about freeing ourselves and enjoying more financial abundance, and more importantly, a happy and balanced life.

        If you enjoyed what I shared, then definitely register for my Magic Circus Newsletter if you haven’t already —

        This is one of my favorite topics and you can bet we’ll be diving deep into this and related topics on that list. Also, Please SHARE using the buttons above and COMMENT with your feedback, questions and thoughts.



      13. georgie says:

        No video on this email.

      14. Hi Georgie,

        The video is in the blog post, directly above these comments.



      15. Myrna & Cindy – I think you MIGHT be referring to Kevin’s Core Energy Technique (not one of mine)?

        If so, the technique comes from Kevin’s Core Energy Meditation program. Here’s a link to a demo of the Core Energy Technique and more information on the full program follows the demo:

        And here’s a link to a download of the CET audio:


      16. Sarah says:

        I agree Matt! I beIieve people everywhere are not fully aware of even the earnest of their true identity true inheritance and potential. You can feel it everywhere. Truth be told they know not yet the land of infinite love they came from. therefore the power within remains asleep dormant and inactivated. I Admit i have not fully arrived or awakened the blossoming seed of christ consciousness within fully yet on my amazing journey but i do know its ready to expand be tapped to overflow and unfold from within so that all outer false realities of self and limitation dissolve and make way for the order of the divine melchezedick priesthood within to arise! May peace love healing joy and abundant downpours of more of your intuitive resonance begin to transcend in deeper movement and experiential flow. I enjoy your fulfilling work! much love Sarah Conlan

      17. Sarah, my sincere appreciation for making the point so beautifully 🙂


      18. Timothy says:

        When I don’t have it they believe i have it when tell them the truth they still think you havei it now telling them truth makes me a lie your some times the truth can not be accepted to people who don’t have it how do I make them believe in the truth that it’s wrong to lie for money show me the way I don’t want to lie to people I am not a mean person who have to lie for money being honest is real

      19. caroline says:

        Hi matt ,i believe what you share with us is for a reason ,your knowlege and research along with experience of how and what to attract into ur life comes through meditation .key is to not get infused with other peoples lies /issues, then ur one becomes connected more with our through way of what life is suppose to be .Our core is so strong .I feel past family life was built on many outdated restricted things,We must do ,We must have ..this is what blocked us .iam sure our enerey is meant to flow free for abbundance to take place ..matt i need to go over many emails you have sent ,that i never had time to watch {how i have missed out }regards caroline

      20. Brian says:

        I understand what you are saying about scams in Thailand and cambodia. i live in Thailand and yes you have to be careful if you are a tourist. If you are an Expat then they do not try as hard because we have become used to them.

        However, you do not have to go outside any country to see taxi drivers that will take an extra route to raise the fair, the scam artist think PONSI in the stock market. Kids hustling is nothing new either it is common for kids to try to hustle a buck. These people just know that there are plenty of tourists that will buy the sale and feel good.

        The idea that many people die on the road is exaggerated but true. They do not have any real driving test, they drive drunk, they do not wear helmets on motorbikes these issues cause many deaths in Thailand and Cambodia.

        As to my wealth plan it is simple I want to earn enough passive income that I do not have to work but will work because i enjoy it and retirement is boring (tried it already)

        Thanks for the video just thought i would add a local perspective

      21. Dale says:

        What a shame. This video was offensive. The way in which you alter your language to speak with people is disrespectful. Your laughing smugness at asking for change for a $50 bill is horrible. Your sense of egotistical superiority is staggering. Your hustle is no different from those people you are talking with and about. Really disappointing. We are all one, and the same emotions drive us. Where are you coming from with this video? Did you ask anyone about their fears and concerns? Did you connect at a meaningful level with anyone? It would be helpful to give some thought to that.

      22. You are one of the most giving persons I’ve encountered in the personal development field. As with most people, Matt, I have some strongly held opinions about any number of things some of which are based on lies absorbed from any number of misperceptions. I happen to “buy in” to almost everything you say, because you say it from a loving and giving heart …that’s my perspective and I’m stuck in it, lovingly so!

        I salute your work with a huge heartfelt NAMASTE!


      23. Thanks for ALL your comments, and especially YOUR kind words of support 🙂

        Glad that so many people realize what I’m really saying. We seem to be on a roll with all of this now, don’t we? 🙂

        I’m celebrating because I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this with you and look forward to sharing more…



      24. Carrie says:


        i live in New York and I look at Times Square with Awe. It is a overcrowded Energy Hot Spot where you can actually feel the current in the air but trying to find a quiet corner is next to impossible because you get swept into the crowd. Times Square is a microcosm of light energy and dark energy. “Scammers” abound, however I too am aware of the fear driven motives behind their actions and frankly they are unconscious and “know not what they do.” Personally I feel the word “scammer” is a judgement call and I would have to agree that there is a feeling of superiority conveyed in the video as I were watching 60 minutes and you had gone undercover to expose blatant criminal activity. I would like to have seen less opinions and feelings of being victimized and more focus on compassion, understanding, with people who are unknowingly victims of social, political and economical systems of which i could never wrap my brain around.

        Peace and Prosperity to All

      25. Hi Carrie,

        Thanks for your comment and feedback. Glad we agree on the main issues of money. Actually, I’m sure I didn’t feel superior or victimised. The fake monk just made me laugh, but I take your point that maybe I could have shown more compassion at times (something I’m working on) despite the fact that these isolated incidents you saw together to help me make a point, clearly were scams in my view.

        Yes, the label “scam” is a judgment call and a loaded word, which I see Google defines as “A dishonest scheme; a fraud,” and that’s exactly my point. The perception that we have to push and act dishonestly in order to get money is certainly not limited to Cambodia. As I said above: “I’m NOT saying one shouldn’t be generous, share and help people. I’m saying don’t believe the lies and if you want to be generous, let the generosity be self-initiated.”

        When entering these situations you need to have your wits about you. One also has to be very careful that “helping” (done from a place of being emotionally manipulated) doesn’t actually make the problem worse. But above all, the point of this video was to make us aware of what we believe and how we ALL act around money. Thanks for all your comments.

        Peace and prosperity to you and all,

      26. Tony says:

        Matt, you should have bought just the bottle of water. I do understand that because you’re Caucasian, the local vendors really put the pressure on.

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