Will You Join Us This Sunday?

    Will you join us on Sunday? …

    You see, once per month, a small group of people who
    are serious about growing in consciousness, meet up
    on our Group Coaching Call.

    What do we discuss?

    Our meetings, normally closed to the general public,
    provide great discussions and coaching on your meditation,
    practice, mind-body training and personal growth!

    This is your chance to ask any questions you have, OR,
    just listen silently and enjoy the discussion … And
    we have an awesome group meditation at the end! 🙂

    This Sunday, we’re meeting up to discuss Andrew Bernstein’s
    book, “The Myth of Stress” … and here’s the best part —

    Even if you’ve never heard of the book, our lead coach,
    Kevin Schoeninger, will give you a brief re-cap of our
    discussion this month. (Listening to Kevin is like
    having your very own “Spiritual Growth” researcher — he
    finds the best books, studies them for you and then
    gives you the ‘executive summary’ 🙂 )

    On Sunday’s Call, Kevin we will:

    >> Answer your questions on how to better deal with
    stress in your life

    >> Go through the 7 steps to eliminate even your most
    stress-producing beliefs

    >> Practice gaining insight into key issues like:

    – Having more money

    – Getting angry

    – Dealing with the uncertainties in your life

    Sounds good?

    So what’s your investment to join our Coaching Call?

    Just $1, but here’s the catch:

    We just ask that you give our ‘Spiritual Growth Monthly’
    membership a fair try. Your $1 investment will give you
    full access to our SGM community for 21 days.

    If you don’t like the Coaching Call, the Weekly Messages
    and email coaching from Kevin, just let us know you’re
    canceling within those 21 days and you will not be billed
    further. If you do decide to continue after that, do nothing,
    and you’ll automatically be billed at $27 / month thereafter…
    … and we’ll welcome you to the fold 🙂

    We’re letting you try SGM out because we want you to
    see for yourself how awesome it is. But there’s no need
    to decide now …

    Get on the call this Sunday (or listen to the replay),
    take a week or two to check out SGM… and THEN decide if
    you want to continue with us. I hope you’ll love being part
    of our awesome community of serious spiritual practitioners.

    Join us this Sunday for our SGM Group Coaching Call.

    Remember, it’s only $1 to get on the call.

    Register here:


    We look forward to connecting with you!

    Kevin Schoeninger and Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company


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