Will The REAL God Please Stand Up?

    What does "God" mean to you? Here’s why I ask …

    Some believe God is the "Good Sheppard" — a kind,
    loving God that cares for us.

    Some believe God is the "Almighty Punisher" — the
    angry man who lives in the sky!

    Some believe God is the "Genie In a Bottle" — capable
    of granting your deepest wishes. (Kinda like how the
    "law of attraction" is presented these days, huh 😉

    Well what do YOU think?

    It seems the concept of "God" has become so mixed up
    with *human* attachments, prejudices and emotions that,
    it puts many, many people off completely!

    And so we see these fun-da-mentalists boldly claiming
    they are "right" and everyone else is wrong. We see
    violence, killing and war… all in the name of what?

    God’s love.

    How distorted is that?!

    Now I’m not here to tell you what God is really like.

    But I do think that "God" (or at least what that idea
    represents) is something you can discover and nurture
    for yourself without all the BS… That’s why I’m really
    excited about this new book:

    "When God Spoke to Me: The Inspiring Stories Of Ordinary
    People Who Have Received Divine Guidance and Wisdom"

    Never before has a book been written that shares so many
    true-life stories of ordinary men and women from around
    the world who have experienced hearing God’s Voice.

    The book will not only move you to see life from a new
    perspective, it’s filled with such raw and captivating
    authenticity and emotion that it’s causing a tremendous
    stir amongst ministers, professors, and readers across
    the gamut of religious and spiritual boundaries.

    I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of this book.


    "This book is delightful because it confirms that all
    of us can speak with the Divine. In these stories we hear
    regular people and how their lives shift because of their
    connection to God. It is very inspiring!"
    Mariel Hemingway,
    Actress, Author of Mariel’s Kitchen

    "I loved this book! I told all the ministers who graduated
    from seminary with me to read it! These heartwarming
    stories brought me to tears, not tears of sadness, but
    tears of joy knowing that the tangible love and presence
    of God is with us always."
    Brad Langdon,
    Unity Church of Anderson, Indiana

    "This inspiring book is a rich storehouse of stories of
    people who—in the midst of addiction, grief, anger,
    rebellion, loneliness, and many other situations that
    afflict us all—have heard the voice of a God who can
    restore and renew. These testimonies are the best evidence
    we can hope for that the Ancient of Days is still
    transforming lives in the 21st century!"
    Richard Mouw,
    President & Professor of Christian Philosophy,
    Fuller Theological Seminary

    "When God Spoke to Me" marks the beginning of a new era —
    where we understand and acknowledge that God speaks to all
    of us, in countless different ways, regardless of our personal
    struggles, our backgrounds, or our faith.

    I strongly encourage you get yourself a copy of this
    fascinating book. It promises to be one of the most
    inspiring, life-changing books you’ll ever read.

    Full details and get your copy here:


    All the best!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company.

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