Why You Don’t Have To Figure It All Out

    This week we’re talking about listening for guidance on your authentic path and some things that can keep you from hearing that guidance and taking the necessary actions. There are many ways that we rationalize staying where we are rather than moving forward into our ideal possibilities.

    Change can be scary. When you don’t know what’s going to happen, your mind has the opportunity to fill in the details. Depending on your mental habits, you may fill in the blank space ahead with visions of success or tales of woe. If you tend to imagine what can go wrong, you’ll probably find several great reasons to maintain the status quo and keep things the way they are—even if they are less than satisfying.

    Here are some signs that you may be rationalizing not moving forward in your life. Do you notice yourself thinking any of the following?:

    “I just need this one more thing before I can go forward.”

    “When such and such happens, then I’ll be ready.”

    “I can’t see how this can work. When I clearly see how it will work out, when I have proof, then I’ll go for it.”

    If you’re always feeling like you’re missing something that you need, if you’re waiting for some magical event, if you’re waiting for that grand mystical vision or for the yellow brick road to appear before you, you may wait a long time. I’m not saying that never happens. I am saying that you may be rationalizing yourself out of taking action by waiting for one of those things to happen.

    Most of the time what you can know is simply your next step. You may get a vision for where you want to be, but the path to “that” is often shrouded in mystery. The bottom line is that you don’t know what’s going to happen—and this is a good thing. It necessitates trusting in positive forces greater than yourself and developing your powers of discernment. It creates excitement that can draw you forward. If you can get comfortable with that, if you can shift your mindset so you experience the wisdom and joy of uncertainty, you’ll prepare yourself to receive inner guidance.

    Your “next step” is what you can know. It may present itself in a subtle inclination, a whisper of guidance, a nudge of interest to check something out. If you pay attention, listen closely, feel what is right for you and those around you, and take that next step, your authentic path will open before you. Step by step, you’ll see it defined.

    You may look back and see how it all makes sense, how it all fit together perfectly, even though you couldn’t see it at the time.

    You can begin by noticing how you rationalize staying where you are, letting those thoughts pass by, and focusing on what is yours to do right now. If you take each next step as authentically as you can, your life will blossom into the ideal possibilities that you are meant to live.

    Enjoy the journey!

    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. The Life You Are Meant to Live Program empowers you with insights and skills to follow your authentic journey.

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