Why You Don’t Have to Be Fearless or Perfect

    This week we’ve been exploring ways that you may block yourself from realizing your ideal possibilities and your most authentic path in life. Yesterday, we talked about how we rationalize staying where we are rather than moving forward with what we are here to do. Today we’ll talk about how to overcome limiting ways that we look at ourselves.

    Do you ever find yourself thinking or saying any of these things?

    “I feel like an imposter, like I’m faking it. If people really knew who I was, I’d be done for. I’m afraid for people to see how I really am.”

    “That kind of success is for “those” other people, not me. They were born lucky, or charismatic, or with resources that I just don’t have.”

    “I have to be better, more skilled, or “perfect this” before I put it out there.”

    If you think of yourself as less than capable, blessed, lucky, or perfect, and think that others don’t have the same limitations, you can easily rationalize not moving forward in your life.

    The interesting thing is that when you hear successful people talk, they voice the same thoughts and feelings. They’ve simply learned to recognize them and work with them by shifting their mindset. I remember my Dad telling me that before he would give a talk, he would re-interpret his “anxiety” as “excitement” about what he had to say. I’ve found that works really well for me, too.

    Also, realize that most successful people feel like they’re “winging it” when they start a new venture. They’ve discovered that you just have to get out there and start “doing it.” They understand that it’s O.K. to learn as you go. You don’t have to be perfect or “have it all together” to start making your unique contribution.

    I’ve taught meditation for 20 years and I still face doubts before I teach every class. I wonder if the right words will come, if I’ll be up to the task, or able to answer student’s questions. This makes little sense with something that I’ve practiced daily for over 25 years, studied continuously throughout that time, and only experienced success with. Nevertheless, those thoughts still come up.

    When they do, I take a few deep breaths, get involved in my pre-class preparations, focus on the excitement of sharing something that has been so important in my life, and engage the people who have come to participate. Before I know it, I’m in the flow of what I am doing and those fears have faded to the background.

    What is it that you want to grow, promote, and create in the world? What skill, experience, insight, gift, or resource do you bring to the table? Everyone has something unique to share. If you think that’s only true for others but not for you, that’s just not true. We all need what you have to offer—and you have what you need to get started right now.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. “The Life You Are Meant to Live” program helps you to discover your purpose and live your dreams.

      2 Responses to “Why You Don’t Have to Be Fearless or Perfect”

      1. Hilary says:

        Thank You. These are words of encouragement indeed! As I am now moving forward on my new pathway, step by step, it is indeed a nice feeling to know that I am not alone, when so often this choice to follow my own heart and way seems to set me apart from others. I know that this is only a temporary phase, and that I will meet others with like minds, but never-the-less it can be a challenge to take the steps!


        1. Hi Hilary,
          That’s exactly why we created this Mind Body Training Community blog: to support each of us to live our most authentic path and to provide insight and inspiration along the way. Keep following your heart and taking the next steps!


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