Why Trying To Control Your Thoughts Is Completely Mental, OK?

    Since the hit movie “The Secret” everyone is talking about the law of attraction and how to “manifest” what you want.

    In the first part of the movie, we’re introduced to the principle that “Thoughts are things”.

    Maybe that’s why many people try to manifest their desires entirely by manipulating their thoughts. Today I want to talk about why trying to control your thoughts actually creates more suffering and the real “secret” of effective manifesting.

    First of all, this ridiculous idea of “controlling your thoughts”…

    We each have somewhere in the region of 2 million thoughts every day. Do you really think you can control all of that? Do you even know what your next thought is going to be? For me, trying to control every thought is a waste of energy and creates it’s own problems.

    Rather than trying to control your thoughts (which sets you up for more negative thoughts), far better to change your relationship to your thoughts. Practice stepping back and observing your thoughts without prejudice and you’ll begin to free yourself from their tyranny. That’s why, meditation is a crucial piece of this puzzle. I’ll explain in a minute.

    But even more crucially than that, your thoughts are NOT the key factor when it comes to manifesting new realities.

    Picture a captain and crew exploring the horizon. Who gives the orders and who runs the ship? Yes, the captain is in charge and the crew runs the ship.

    When the captain and crew are working well together, the captain gives the orders and the crew makes it happen immediately. When captain and crew don’t work together, the journey takes longer and there might even be a mutiny!

    Your TOTAL focus determines your reality – not just your thoughts.

    The real challenge is that only about 5% of your focus is what you’re thinking in your head. There’s hundreds maybe thousands of crew but only one captain.

    That’s why on the surface people might want to be wealthy, but deep down they have limiting beliefs around money. They might think thoughts of attracting the perfect relationship, but deep down they might have repressed anger toward the opposite sex etc.

    For me, your internal congruency is EVERYTHING when it comes to manifesting.

    If there ever was a “secret”, it is to harness the power of your entire being, not just your surface thoughts.

    I believe to do that effectively we need to let go of old patterns, even our notion of self and allow ourselves to be transformed from the ground up. Just like anything else, this takes practice.

    For me, a daily mind-body practice is essential. This allows me to create the space where I feel anything is possible from my core, I connect to Source and get the guidance and direction so I sense where I’m going.

    I re-energize and re-focus on what’s right for me to attract. Plus I get to be happy in the here and now which is always a good thing.

    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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      1. Dalsukh says:

        Observing thoughts as a witness withour giving any weight to the thoughts weaken the thoughts.This is taught in ViPashana meditation.
        First we concentrate on breathing and when mind is focussed we observe thoughts .the third stage is feeling the sensation of the whole body. and finally send thouts of wellbing and love to the whole world.This is in nutshell the whole procedure requiring lots of practice.

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