Why This Guy REFUSED To Be In The Secret

    I just read this awesome report called "How to Make
    Your Mind a Money Magnet". Get your copy here:


    It’s from Dr. Robert Anthony … and how about THIS
    for integrity …

    I heard this guy was invited to be in the Secret …
    but flat-out refused! That’s right, he turned down
    masses of free publicity and untold fame. Probably
    cost him millions.

    Why did he refuse?

    Well I heard, because he felt the hit movie missed
    out one crucial piece of the puzzle. Sound familiar? 🙂

    Of course, we hear that a lot these days, don’t we? —
    "the secret behind the secret". But Dr. Anthony clearly
    felt very strongly that something REALLY WAS missing
    from the typical "law of attraction" teaching.

    So that was the inspiration behind Dr. Anthony’s rapid
    manifestation program "The Secret of Deliberate
    Creation". I’ve been through the program and here’s why
    I think it’s awesome …

    It’s one of the most thorough, comprehensive programs
    on the law of attraction I have seen (and I’ve seen
    a lot 🙂 ) What I like most about Dr Anthony’s course
    is that it destroys once and for all, people’s over-
    reliance on magical thinking. Check it out here:


    There’s a grounded-ness (is that a word?) in his work,
    and a practicality taught in the program that the top
    achievers in ANY field will tell you is ESSENTIAL for
    massive success.

    So if you’re struggling to make the law of attraction work
    for you, or you sense you may be missing something to make
    it work, I HIGHLY recommend you take a good look at Dr
    Anthony’s program – "The Secret of Deliberate Creation".

    Get all the details and order your copy here:


    All the best!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company


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