Why Thinking Positive FAILS (and what to do about it)

    The “law of attraction” gurus tell us that being able
    to control your thoughts is EVERYTHING … But what
    if there was an easier way?


    Let me ask you:


    Have you ever felt stuck … and no matter how hard
    you TRIED to think positive, it just didn’t work?

    You’re not the only one 🙂

    Changing your life is NOT simply a case of slapping
    a “happy face” sticker on top of everything. If it
    were that easy, everybody would be thin, healthy and
    rich… And there would be no disease on the planet.


    So What’s Really Going On Here?


    In my experience, thinking is only ONE DIMENSION of
    our being. There are dimensions besides the brain,
    the mind, visualizing and thinking… and they are just
    as powerful as the mind (if not more so).

    This explains why we often get pulled back into our
    old negative patterns. Over time, the old energies
    that keep us stuck get locked into our bodies… And the
    process is so subtle we often don’t even realize it.

    Despite our best efforts to “think positive”, the weight
    of the old patterns keeps holding us back from the life of
    health, abundance and happiness we deserve.


    So What’s The Answer?


    You need a practice that addresses and clears ALL
    aspects of your being, not just the mind. Our Core
    Energy Meditation program can help you do this in as
    little as 20 minutes per day. Read about it here:


    Kevin’s approach draws on new scientific research and
    nearly 30 years of personal practice and teaching.

    In short, Kevin’s system works by balancing all three
    major energy centers in the body — the Mind Center,
    The Heart and The Body Center.


    Why Is That Important?


    Well, before he developed Core Energy Meditation,
    Kevin studied many different systems of meditation and
    personal growth. He found that each system provided
    an important piece of the puzzle, but not the whole
    picture he was looking for.

    Over the years, Kevin began putting all the pieces
    together into a short 20 minute practice. When you
    practice Core Energy Meditation, you learn how to
    shift into what Kevin calls the “Core Energy State”…

    This is a state where you feel totally happy and
    peaceful and completely freeof all attachment. Kevin
    describes this experience in detail on this web site:


    Although Kevin has been teaching and refining Core
    Energy Meditation for years, it’s only been released
    to the public recently. Here’s what one recent student
    had to say:

    “I started Core Energy Meditation because life was
    feeling a bit sluggish, nothing much was really happening,
    and I was stuck in a rut with OCD, and a tendency to get
    wrapped up in negative thoughts, despite knowing better
    and knowing that they were irrational, and knowing that
    I create my reality.

    The recordings have helped me to have a sharper focus and
    to see things as they really are. I can remove myself from
    negative thoughts and emotions now and see them objectively,
    without repeating the same patterns of doubt and negativity
    again and again. My self-control is more in alignment with
    how I actually see the world now, and I had been looking for
    something to help me with this for quite some time!

    At this point, I can keep moving forwards effectively. I am
    a lot calmer and have more energy! I am looking forward to
    continuing this journey and living life intentionally.”

    Kirsty Macrae
    London, UK

    So if you’re not already using Core Energy Meditation,
    then I highly recommend you get it. It really can
    change your life when you do a little every day This is
    something you can continue practicing and benefiting
    from for the rest of your life.


    Full details here:




    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. If you want to manifest what you truly want, it’s
    ESSENTIAL that you know how to balance your energy systems.
    This new program shows you how to do just that in less than
    20 minutes a day. I highly recommend it. Go read the full
    story and get it here:


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