Who’s The Expert On Your Life?

    We receive consistent messages that we need experts to tell us about our lives. Maybe this grows from our training in reaching outside ourselves for what we need. If what we need to be healthy and happy is “out there” in the world, it’s a logical extension that when we have a challenge, we’d seek outside assistance.

    However, if your experience of what happens in your life is the result of your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, the person best situated to be aware of those inner processes is you.

    That’s not to say that the world and other people are not phenomenal mirrors for us. In fact, it’s in our interactions with the world that we recognize what we are doing on the inside—the intentions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that shape our experiences. That’s also not to say that we don’t enlist the assistance of others to help us cultivate our inner awareness.

    However, it’s a big shift to turn the question from “Who can fix this for me?” to “How am I creating the experiences that I am having?”

    One thing you may notice, when you do that, is that it’s not always so straightforward and obvious how you are creating your experiences. It takes inner cultivation to become your own expert. Nevertheless, you are the only one who can be that expert.

    You can begin by floating the following questions when a challenge arises, “What am I thinking, feeling, and believing right now?” and “How can I come from a conscious, loving, peaceful place?”


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      1. Elaine says:

        Hi Kevin
        I was saying just what you wrote to my hubby not an hour ago. It was good to read it in your words. I have been getting words from you since I first got core meditation cds from you quite awhile ago. Your thoughts and ideas really resonate with me Thank you for being in my “life” I have passed on your writings to many people these past couple of years. I am becoming a yoga teacher (at 59) It is my purpose to help people in my phase of life to embrace the absolute joy there is each day inside of us and RADIATE it to our precious Universe and all beings. You have helped me to realize that.
        I send you much love and joy.

      2. Hi Elaine,
        Thank you for appreciating what I have to say and for sharing your expression of light and joy!

        Many blessings in your heart’s work,

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