Who Do You Believe In?

    This week, one of our community members emailed me saying, “I wish I believed in myself as much as you all do!!!” While I am so glad she feels supported by us, which she is, it prompted me to think about the whole idea of “belief in oneself.” Is “self-belief” really a source of comfort and confidence? In this post, I’ll share why it never has been for me and what I’ve found to be even more helpful and re-assuring.

    As far as self-belief, I must say I’ve never had much belief in myself. When I witness the doubts, anxieties, and ups and downs of how my small, little, “local self” thinks and feels, this doesn’t give me much assurance that “I can do it.”

    Fortunately, I’ve found that deeper guidance is available.

    Underneath the pressures and fears that my personality experiences, there is “something more.” When I allow my mind to quiet down, my emotions to calm, and my body to relax, I discover an inner guidance that is always there. As I’ve felt, listened to, and followed this guidance, I’ve received just the inspiration I’ve needed when I’ve needed it. I’ve learned just what I needed to know as I needed to know it. I’ve been given just the right resources at just the right time—again and again.

    I’ve found that this process has little to do with “me” or with believing in myself. If anything, it has to do with letting go of “me,” what I want, and how I think things “should happen.” As I let go of what I call “me” and “mine” I am shown again and again that Life has a Bigger Plan. And it’s this Bigger Plan that I can trust.

    It appears to me that Life is infinitely intelligent and full of grace. Each of us is here on purpose, exactly as we are, to do what we are here to do. I’ve discovered that I can trust that. And, as I learn to trust that deeper guidance more and more, Life shows me that trust is warranted. I am grateful that I don’t need to believe in myself, because there’s something greater, One Life, supporting and guiding us all.

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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