Which World Do You Live In?

    Does it seem like you live in two different worlds? There’s the world “out there,” the material world of tasks, responsibilities, bills, deadlines, cold hard facts, and survival. Then, there’s the world “inside” where you experience your intentions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, dreams, and deeper purpose.

    These worlds sometimes seem to have different rules which cause them to conflict. For example, the material world “out there” runs on strict schedules, written rules, and hard and fast definitions of what is real according to what can be measured and calculated.

    The inner world is more fluid, difficult to define and measure, and subject to forces that are hard to get a firm handle on, such as your intent, your ever-changing thoughts and feelings, and the infinitely complex networks of relationship.

    If you take your primary residence in the material world, you may dismiss the inner world as less real and less valuable than what you can clearly define and measure out there in the “real world.” If you make that move, you may find yourself cut off from what gives you a deeper sense of connection, peace, love, inspiration, and value. Also in a materialist view, there is a fixed quantity of resources which naturally leads to competition to gather as much as we can for ourselves. The material world lends itself to a “me-centered,” consumer approach to life and the fears and anxieties that come with that.

    If you take your primary residence in your inner world, you may find that, initially, it feels messy in there. You may find yourself bewildered by the endless chains of conflicting thoughts and feelings. However, if you allow these to pass by, if you settle into silence, if you go deeper underneath it all, you may discover an abiding peace, abundance, and harmony.

    In your inner world, you can experience something just by imagining it. You can dream something and bring it to life. You can love someone or forgive someone and witness how that changes your whole experience—and theirs. Your may find a deeper sense of value not in what you gain for yourself but in what you contribute to the Whole. You may discover that you see everything and everyone as expressions of One Life.

    Maybe the answer to stress is not so much in micromanaging the details of the material world, but in getting underneath it all to a more primary experience in which everything is connected. If you live in the material world while “coming from” this deeper place of inner peace, appreciation, and love, the outer world changes before you.

    The outside is then seen to reflect the inside. There is no longer a division between worlds but an expression of one in the other. You live in the material world but you see it as an effect of a more essential realm.

    In the next three days, we’ll talk about three specific actions you can take to bridge the two worlds and experience the infusion of matter with its deeper spiritual essence.

    As the great teachers always tell us “you are a spiritual being having a human experience.”


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. This week on Spiritual Growth Monthly we’re practicing a powerful meditation to connect with our Loving Essence and bring that experience into life

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