What’s YOUR Story – Morning Glory?

    First of all, thank you so much for all the wonderful
    emails and feedback about Chris’s “Self-Empowerment
    Guidebook” that I sent you on Tuesday!

    That was just the beginning …

    Chris has also created a unique “Inscribe Your Life”
    personal transformation process that can be applied to
    ANY aspect of your life… Here’s how it works:

    It begins by asking two profound questions:

    (1) What story am I living?

    (2) *Who* is writing that story?

    Stop for a moment and really think about this …

    Look at what’s been happening in your life recently. What
    patterns are you running? What are the major events that
    have shaped your ‘character’?

    Setting aside any judgment, what’s your story been up to
    now? It is mostly a happy story or a sad story? (Either way
    it’s still a story … and stories can get better 🙂 )

    Are there elements to your story that you’re not happy with?
    The truth is, we all have parts of our stories that we either
    didn’t write ourselves and/or would like to change. Here’s just
    a few examples to give you an idea what I mean:

    ** Victimization
    ** Revenge
    ** Scarcity / Struggle
    ** Suffering / Pain / Illness
    ** Loneliness
    ** Guilt
    ** Seeking / Searching

    FACT: The human mind thinks in stories.

    We literally think in narrative structures and because of
    this, stories imprint into the human brain … But here’s
    the good part …

    You can change it!

    You can write a better story.

    When you recognize the story being played out in your own
    life, you begin to access the deepest parts of your psyche
    and soul. You can begin to work with those subconscious imprints
    that will be most valuable to your personal growth.

    Chris’s “Inscribe Your Life” personal transformation process
    shows you exactly how to become aware of your story and write a
    better one. I highly recommend you check this out.

    In fact, I’ve even twisted Chris’s arm to get you an exclusive
    $30 discount — Just use coupon code ‘mindbody’ (without the quotes)
    when you order. 🙂 Here’s the link:


    Through this powerful process, you can…

    – Open the doorway to a massive vault of creativity

    – Uncover your confidence to overcome self-doubts and fears

    – Transform conflict into success (just the way an author uses
    conflict to launch heroes towards achieving their goals)

    The thing is, a lot of people don’t think of themselves as
    ‘writers,’ so they never even try. Chris makes it easy though
    and walks you through your first draft, and he helps you discover
    a hidden talent lying inside of you just waiting to come out.


    It is your inner wisdom, YOUR hidden story.

    Chris’s Inscribe Your Life process is a way to discover what’s in
    your heart, get it onto paper and make sense of it all, and then
    unburden yourself from any limitations that may be keeping you from
    experiencing your greatest potential.

    Click here to learn more about Inscribe Your Life:


    Chris even gives you concrete examples how to inscribe your
    newfound wisdom into all aspects of your life: Whether you’re
    looking to create and manifest more, improve your personal
    relationships, grow your business, or just want to let go of
    some limiting beliefs.

    The writing’s already on the wall. Now it’s your time to decide
    if its YOUR words… Or someone else’s.

    Here’s to you and your new life story,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Whether you realize it or not, every goal that you manifest
    into your life arrives through a story — and you as a hero on that
    quest. Manifestation begins with a dream, and your story is how you
    attract that dream into your life to become reality.

    Click here to experience this revolutionary process:


    (Remember use coupon code ‘mindbody’ -without the quotes- when
    you order so that you can get your $30 discount)


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