What’s Your Background State?

    Yesterday we talked about Inner Smiling and how it affects not only your own inner state but also what is happening around you. This brings up the importance of what I call your “background state.”

    Your background state is the quality of your current vibration. It’s “where you’re coming from” at the moment. For example, are you nervous and suspicious, on guard for what could go wrong? Are you peaceful and relaxed, enjoying what the moment has to offer? Are you negative and critical finding fault at every turn? Or are you appreciative and grateful, welcoming what is happening right now?

    People often question the Law of Attraction, wondering if “it really works.” However, the Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity. It’s not a matter of if it works, it’s how you’re relating to it that makes all the difference. With the Law of Gravity, you work with it best if you have good posture, are relaxed, grounded, and centered. With the Law of Attraction you work with it best if you are in a positive, grateful, and trusting state.

    In the end, we do not control everything that happens in life. There are bigger forces in play and bigger plans at work. However, we can adjust how we are relating to whatever happens. You can adjust your inner state.

    As we learn to be present, to appreciate what we have now, and to see everything as an opportunity to express peace and love while we learn and grow, then we’ve done our part. Life will take care of the rest in the best possible way.

    The question then becomes how to live from a consistent background state of relaxed, loving, grateful, and trusting presence. It can begin with an Inner Smile, noticing what is positive in any situation, and appreciating the inner light in everyone you meet. When you do that consistently, good things tend to happen.

    I’d love to hear what works best for you,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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