What Is Your “One Thing?”

    In our last post, we explored four questions to help you identify and achieve your top priorities. To close out this week, I suggest that you ponder one thing that you’ve been putting off doing.

    What is one important thing that you keep saying, “I’ll do that next week, or next month, or when “this” or “that’ happens? What is one thing you want to do, know it would be good to do, but you never seem to get around to doing? What is one thing that would make a positive difference in your life or the lives of those around you that you keep procrastinating?

    Take a moment now to think of one thing. . .

    Many things may have popped into your head. That’s O.K. Choose one. . .

    Ask yourself what has kept you from doing that up until now? Go ahead take a moment. . .

    Do you believe it’s out of your reach? Do you believe you lack the resources? Have you tried and failed before? Do you doubt your ability? Do you think you should know how to do it before you get started? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? Are you afraid of succeeding? Are you afraid of upsetting the way things are, even if they’re less than ideal?

    We all talk ourselves out of some important actions in our lives. We can come up with some compelling reasons not to do them. It’s easy to justify complacency.

    What if today was your last day to live? Would your reasons keep you from doing that one thing? Or would you come up with other reasons based on that fact?

    In the end, I believe life is worth living when we live from the inspiration of our soul for the good of those around us. Even if you can’t see it at the moment, that one thing that you’ve put off doing just might be part of your bigger purpose. There’s only one way to know.

    Get started today. . .

    I’d love to hear what your “one thing” is, what’s held you back, and how you’re “getting to it” now.

    Kevin Schoeninger

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