What Is Life Revealing To You Now?

    Today I’m excited to share a big “AH-HA” moment I had this week during my morning meditation.

    Have you ever noticed that Life teaches you just what you need to know when you need to know it? Or have you ever received something you needed at exactly the right moment? It’s easy to think that what you need to know and have are somewhere “way out there” in the distance. In this post, we’ll explore why what you need may be right in front of your nose.

    To share this insight, I’d like to tell a brief personal story:

    Matt Clarkson and I have been working on a new program about inner clearing. We’ve been at it for close to a year now. I should have known that a program about inner clearing would challenge me to clear out my own “stuff.”

    Here’s a few things I’ve discovered:

    Because of my more introverted nature and esoteric interests such as meditation, t’ai chi, qigong, and kriya yoga, I’ve often felt like “an outsider.” I’ve developed a belief that “I don’t fit in.” While my inner experiences are vivid for me, I’ve struggled to put them in words to connect with others. This had led me to a further belief that “I’m not good at communicating in social situations.”

    When I believe those things, I feel sad and inadequate. To protect my vulnerability, I notice myself getting angry. This can lead me to behave arrogantly and argumentatively. When others “don’t get what I’m saying” I can get self-righteous and think that my experience is “right” and they are being “superficial.” However, mostly, I keep these feelings inside, because that’s not how I want to be and, well, because I’m a little more introverted than most. 🙂

    Now, I’m not proud of this self-righteous pattern, nor does it do me or anyone else any good. It creates interpersonal distance and sets the stage for conflict.

    In creating this new program, Matt and I have had a few tense moments because of my tendency to “want to say things my way.” He “nudges” me to keep rewriting to express these inner processes in a way that really connects to our readers. That’s exactly what I need and it pushes my buttons about “not fitting in” and “not being able to express what’s important to me in a way that others get it.”

    Anyway, this week during meditation I had a major “AHA” about this whole thing. It came crystal clear to me in a way that it never had before. I was able to see this self-righteous pattern, and the beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that support it, in a way that made me firmly decide “not to do that anymore.” In that moment, the pattern seemed to dissolve. I felt lighter, freer, and clearer than ever. I realized that effectively sharing inner practices is a real challenge for me and it’s a challenge that I want to master.

    Life is a mirror. It puts your inner world out in front of you so you can discover “who you are” and “what you are here to do.” What we experience “out in the world” is related to what we are doing inside—what we are thinking, feeling, and believing. This is a way Life teaches us.

    So the question is:

    What is Life showing you about yourself right now?

    In other words, what do your current experiences tell you about what you are thinking, feeling, and believing?

    I’d love to hear your experiences with this insight in the Comments below.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. At Spiritual Growth Monthly we explore insights and meditations to support your personal breakthroughs.

      29 Responses to “What Is Life Revealing To You Now?”

      1. Hi,there! Yes, I have experienced so many times in my life, that when I need help or to solve a problem – it has been comming to my door-step. The answer, the person, the item has been just in my eye-sight.
        It is a wonderful experience – and as ment to be. And I believe that life is the day-to-day business we all do – every day. And yes, it reflects us from within, our actions and behaviours, – and show others whom we are. It is sure more between heaven and earth, then what we can see with our eyes.
        But life is teaching us every day – the school of life – but it is up to us to be listening. The learn from it. To trust our intuition. Many people are far to busy in their lives to even think about things like this. But they are also learning – it can be in a bad way, but nevertheless, we are learning something from it. I am so excited what more to learn, about myself, about my interactions with other people, and what I can do to make a difference for others.

      2. kazine says:

        Thank you Kevin for your vulnerability and authenticity.
        It is so easy to see how I would not have this ‘issue’
        if it weren’t for what someone else is doing. What a wake
        up call as I allow the shift from them to what is ‘really’
        going on inside me.
        You are awesome.
        In light and love

      3. It is wonderful, to find a post like this. Both because it shows me what I wrote a day before: http://www.allow-money.com/blog/2011/12/a-revelation/ from a little bit different perspective, but mostly the same! 🙂 It’s my another synchronicity point (Bashar’s exercise: every day keep writing a journal of synchronicities, this proved to be soo so so good for me! At one point I shifted to just noticing them, not writing them down, but then I saw the difference, and now again I am writing them). For me it’s another demonstration of how my world supports me. 🙂

        By the way, if I’m already here, – thank you so much for your CET meditations! I LOVE them.

      4. jennifer says:

        my experiences: getting ready for the holidays, feeling as though much of the onus has been on me, etc…. got me feeling sick for the past two weeks (head and chest infection… no surprise, due to the fact that my thoughts and feelings are where the infection is at lol )… so, with this knowledge, i’ve decided to take it easy… even though most – if not all – the preparations are done, i’m better served by enjoying the process, instead of suffering through what little is left to complete.

      5. Julie says:

        I love this post.
        First, because I have LISTENED to your work, and find that OF ALL THE THINGS YOU GIVE, one of the most special TO ME is the way you can take complex practices and make them simple, present and VERY listenable. THROUGH your previous work, I have come to feel a BIG connection with you, a warmth and ENGAGEMENT that I hold even when I don’t have time to check in on your Newest Stuff for a while.

        This blog REMINDS me that even those people we ADMIRE MOST and who INSPIRE us, have to work through their OWN journey and often what they GIVE US comes from a process of self-inquiry that is UNCOMFORTABLE.

        Kevin, your stretching and “confession” here is SO helpful to me as I am going through my OWN process of what I want to create and give in the world NEXT.

        I, too, notice that what I encounter when I want to grow and give more or better is AH-HA’s about what has been BLOCKING me, or my habitual (and usually invisible) “inner obstacles” which tend to appear FIRST as crankiness, resistance to myself or others and to GAIN CLARITY as I bring LOVE and GENTLE observation to them, rather than criticism or judgement.

        You are reminding me to “sit” with what is uncomfortable in order to RECEIVE its gifts, which have been held in DEFENSES.

        That is the PERFECT message for right now.

        Thank you so much. Your courage to look in, and the REPORT BACK to us with honesty and clarity something that you previously wanted to HIDE to protect yourself is EXACTLY the role modeling I needed today.

        Best regards,


      6. Life is showing me that I want to control ‘things’, people, a certain person – get a certain response, in a certain time-frame, else I “don’t get what I want” and tension builds inside of me…

        The truth is, though, that I actually HAVE what I want in the form of love, and the moments I’m able to ‘let go’ I feel it, I feel it fully and there is no tension just joy…

        This is a pattern of believing I don’t get what I want in life (even when I do).

        Thanks, Kevin, for your timely reminder to ask myself what life is showing me RIGHT NOW!…


      7. Nancy Scott says:

        Kevin…I appreciate your sharing your “ah-ha” moment insigths. As an extravert of the highest order, I found your way of describing an introvert’s inner struggle strangely familiar. Where do we get these self-limiting beliefs that limit our tragectory in this world? One of my mentors helped me to understand that I needed to “represent myself” and for many of the same reasons you identified so clearly, it has been very challenging…but worth the effort.
        Congratulation on your progress!!

      8. Amy says:

        Life is showing me right now, that I have deep and utter anger and hurt that I have not really healed from being traumatized of being left my dad during arguments with my mom. My life is showing me—- that through a cyclical deep chasm with my husband and myself during this past year where he lost his mother who had disowned hi 20 years ago, and again upon her death, 8 months ago, and I lost my dad whom I dearly loved 5 months ago-that I need to feel and resolve the anger that I was conditioned to repress and not go there. SO I sit here figuring out, after dedicating my entire Life’s work was being a yogi, finding balance, finding inner peace, that my anger does not have a path to resolve/heal itself, at least not yet.

        It is reflected in that I feel deeply confused as to how to express my gifts and my career path as I feel like fake to be doing the “help others” when it seems i cannot help myself as best I could.

        Love the food for thought. Ruminating is an element of reflection.

      9. Delene says:

        What/How did you find this AHA moment, I have been looking for just that to no avail.

      10. Lyn says:

        I totally feel your pain. I’m just like you in that I have a shyness that gets in my way too. I have lots of insights and awareness that I’ve always tried to share, but felt rejected or shunned because of it.
        I too, was perceived as arrogant and ‘weird’…enough so that I withdrew and just stopped sharing with my friends and family. They didn’t ‘like’ that part of me, so I pulled it back so I could be accepted.
        I was a shy child. In my teens, I didn’t have many friends, so I decided to become more outgoing so people would ‘like’ me. It worked to a point, yet I still always felt different.
        I became a local singer, in groups and as a soloist, and that helped a lot. I also love public speaking, so I did that too. But I still felt insecure about what I said, and how people received it. It seemed to be too much for most people to process. Eventually I stopped speaking too.
        Then in 2004 my life fell apart…divorce, family deaths, loss of career, income and friends…all happening in my mid-fifties. I can’t tell you how painful and difficult it’s been. My family now consists of 1 daughter and 2 nieces, and I’m only close to 1 niece!
        But, through all of this I’ve learned tons about myself, and come to many ‘Ah-Ha’ moments.
        The biggest one, is that despite what others think, I’m a loving, wonderful, talented, gifted person…whether other people ‘get’ me or not. Their opinions are just that…their opinions. It doesn’t change or devalue me in any way.
        Having thrived through many, many challenging experiences in life speaks volumes about my inner strength and awareness…I’m very proud of that.
        I turned 60 about 3 weeks ago, and I’m happy about the whole thing! This has been a tremendous year for me. I learned that my intuitive and awareness gifts are my greatest assets, even if they did annoy or disturb those close to me.
        I’ve finally found ways to release my energies and use my gifts to help other people who do appreciate what I do and say. Now I focus on moving towards and working with them. I’m finally letting go of the past ‘stuff’ and embracing my new future.
        I have a lot of work to do helping other people to learn their own truths and embrace their futures as I have. That’s worth living for and looking forward to.
        Thanks for sharing your light-bulb moment with us. Happy Holidays!

      11. Willa says:

        Hi Kevin, thanks for your honesty – it’s very helpful.
        I’ve found the same: often I register someone’s reaction to me and think, oh, does that belong to him/her or me? And it’s usually me! (or maybe it’s always me, but I don’t recognise it.
        Likewise… if I only notice rubbish and grumpy people etc, I suddenly get that I’m in a bad mood! I just hadn’t noticed.

      12. Hi to all,
        Thank you for appreciating what I’ve shared here and for sharing your own experiences and insights, too!

        To Delene, who asked “How did I find this AHA,” this particular AHA moment came to me as I was doing my morning Core Energy Meditation. It was at the end of meditation practice, when I was asking “What is important for me to know, feel, or do today?” Then, I was just sitting listening/feeling/being open. . .

        Again, thanks for everyone’s comments.

        I truly appreciate it,

      13. paula says:

        Hi Yes I know about these things. Carrying within the unconscious programming from a troubled childhood of abuse.
        I attract many times people violent, agressive and abusive.
        My spirit feels broken. My own nature is of a peacemaker not a troublemaker.

        Thanks for listening.

      14. Teresa says:

        Wow, that hit home in so many ways. I, too, am somewhat introverted in that I distance myself from most people. I always wondered why I was like that. But reading your post, it makes me to wonder if my inability to communicate or my insecurity in dealing with others has led me down this path. I often respond snippishly when people push me out of my comfort zone. Definitely something to think on here. Thank you!

      15. Jess says:

        Kevin, I am so glad you shared that with us. I have been wrestling with this concept this year as well. I can almost see myself sometimes justifying my anger by dismissing people’s “ignorance” by thinking “they just aren’t as concious and evolved as I am” WTF? i Know it sounds horrible to say it out loud. But all year everyone whether they be spiritual teachers or marketers and business people are telling me I have to be more vulnerable in order to connect with people deeper. WOW. Scared as anthing, but it seems I am actually only afraid of myself, because I am my biggest judge when I make myself vulnerable. Here’s to a vulnerable year ahead 🙂

      16. joronda says:

        If you want your life to get better, you need to spend less time thinking about all the “unwanted things in your life”.

        Your mind has three television screens called “past”, “only now” and “future”, and only your waking hours to enjoy today. You can only look at one television channel at a time.

        Your FREECHOICE of which channel you look at will decide how happy you will become.

        Lot warned his wife to CHOOSE the new life in the town ahead and switch off her thoughts to the city (old life)she was leaving behind. She turned into a pillar of salt because she was of “two minds” for too long. God was destroying the city and he couldn’t wait all day for her to choose which city she wanted to live in.

        Don’t be like Lot’s wife – put all your thoughts into what you would prefer to have, so the universe can give it to you under “ask and ye receive”.

        Prince Charles couldn’t decide which channel to watch, so his marriage to Princess Diana turned to custard. Diana said, “this marriage is crowded with three people being in it”.

        Put your energy where it needs to go. You must tell the Genie in the Lamp what your true inner cravings are.

        When you know what you want with clarity, you can “forgive” the stuff you no longer want and set it free out of your life. The old life is obsolete, so switch that channel off.

        Your unwanted life should have taught you lessons – and you must be grateful for those lessons or you might (in error) think the lessons were punishments.

        When you say thankyou for the lessons in life, you can “move on” to new things with a clean break. If you did not like the lessons thrust on you, you will keep dragging emotional baggage which stops you enjoying the new life you want.

        When you say, “thankyou”, your inner child knows that you have been listening and understanding it’s emotional struggles. Thankyou re-writes the perception from bad to good in a releasing way.

        Failure to thank life’s lessons KEEPS YOU FROM REACHING YOUR POTENTIAL. You stop learning.

      17. M. McKnight says:

        Yeah, inner work…I am also very much introverted, although since I have been doing my inner work for God knows how long, I have been “trying” to come out of my shell and be “social” and make conversation so I don’t feel so awkward. And I have to admit I am kinda proud of myself :). However, I can so relate to your post because that same thing happened to me very recently with my hubby. He was questioning me about something that happened that morning and when I tried to explain it, it didn’t quite come out right so he made more comments to try to get an understanding and the more he commented the more irritated I became. I was finally able to get it across to him what I meant but I was so frustrated I started blaming him (inwardly of course) for criticising me. After I thought about it for a while I realized I live so much in my head that I don’t get enough “practice” living outside with my communication and articulation. So I had to “check myself” and admit the problem was actually me. So I humbled myself (inwardly of course) and just took my lesson privately and vowed to work on it. Thanx for the truth in your sharing. It’s good to know there are others trying to evolve that are not perfect!

      18. Deb Dowling says:

        ‘Twas you and Matt, through Spiritual Growth Monthly, who helped me to know I’m an onion. An onion that grows and grows and grows. LOL With each layer cleared, there is clarity. With clarity, more layers show, and little AH HA moments occur with regularity, by following Kevin’s programs.

        Kevin as self-righteous. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Can’t quite get there as I’ve only ever known him to demonstrate tremendous objectivity. Evidence we can hide well I suppose. Monkey mind is clever!

        I am extrordinarily grateful for your patience with me Kevin; teaching me to stay aware of being aware, to observe, to discern. Pathways I only hoped existed, opened graciously for me.

        The voices of Kevin and Matt are still clear and comforting, in my head and in my heart.

        Glorious Solstice to you both.

        Deb Dowling

      19. Hi Deb,
        Great to hear from you!

        Thanks for the positive feedback.

        I thought you were going to give us a humorous rendition of “Twas the night before Christmas. . .” with that beginning. You give me the best smiles.

        Happy Solstice to you!

        P.S. Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences related to this post. It’s great to let each other know that we experience similar things and that we are all in this together.

      20. Bill says:

        Some time ago I discovered that I have been breathing in Asbestos working at one of my customers homes. I had samples tested that come back 80% fibrous which is very bad. I gave my customers assistant a copy of the report to give to her and find out several months later that he never gave it to her. I have since written her a letter explaining the situation and her assistant has called me saying I am trying to get something out of her and that the report doesn’t prove that the Asbestos is at her home. I just do not know what to make of this and really do not know what to do it’s as if he doesn’t care about anyones health including his own, it has me very upset and confused

        1. Hi Bill,
          I’m wondering if you could speak with your client directly, in person?
          Either way, do what you need to do for your own well-being.

          Best wishes for your health,

      21. Beth says:

        I have been contemplating “Life as a mirror” for sometime now, although I didn’t awaken to conscious awareness until about 8 years ago.

        I began seeing “out in the world” my underlying beliefs reflected back to me at a very rudamentary level. I recall saying to my supervisor at work “my attitude is your attitude right back at you”. I began to see the way my inner anger displayed itself outside through the way I looked in the mirror, through the way my home looked and through the people directing anger back at me. Then I saw a reflection that was positive and helpful to me in a profound way.

        Your insight is a great reminder of my need to look at life this way. Though I am aware that my life reflects “me”, it is still hard for me to look at it this way, especially in my close personal relationships with loved ones.

        Thanks for the reminder.

        1. Hi Beth,
          Thanks for sharing your experiences with this insight. I view this understanding as a life-long practice that continues to reveal deeper layers.

      22. Kevin, I so appreciated your insights. I wanted to share with you that as a Human Design Specialist, there is within you an EXACT reason for these feelings and through your Human Design Chart, I can show you exactly where it shows up. The Human Design Chart is the blueprint of your waking personality. The assessment tools it provides is priceless. Many who think there is something wrong with how they think and feel soon discover through their Human Design Chart just how beautifully they were created. It paves the way for moving forward in your life with much more ease and joy once you know your Energy Type and Strategy of living within this blueprint. Countless clients have shared their excitement when they discovered through this process that there truly is “nothing wrong” other than not living their type and strategy. If you would like, I would be honored to do a free Human Design Chart for you or anyone who continues to struggle with choice, decision, flow and ease of life on all levels. You can see an example of a free Human Design Chart at http://www.southwestcenterforhumandesign.com or email me directly at coachsturnbull@yahoo.com. Blessings to you and all and Happy New Year. Susan

        1. Hi Susan,
          Your assessment tools sound interesting. I will check out your website.
          Thanks for the good work you’re doing!

      23. Toby says:

        It’s really refreshing to see a post like this, very honest and humbling. I see a lot of myself in your description of inner conflict, perhaps because I am very introverted. It feels like a curse sometimes, not being able to get outside my own head and being too introspective. It’s as if my mind starts attacking itself when left “alone” for too long or without certain stimuli to keep it busy, plaguing me with unhepful emotions.

        I think my biggest frustration is not having many intelligient friends living close by to share my thoughts with, bounce ideas off and learn from. I find much solace in reading both online and offline and for example watching TEd talks but it does leave me yearning to know these people, who seem to have it all worked out.

        I’m definitely making progress though. I’ve found an answer in writing much more and generally focusing on taking action, instead of overthinking myself into a corner. Oh and running and cycling most mornings is really invigorating, both health-wise and the mindset it leaves you with, feeling positive about the future.

        Best wishes to you guys for 2012,

        P.S. That picture of the pup and woman is so cute 🙂

        1. Hi Toby,
          Thank you for sharing your experience and your personal insights.

          Our goal is to provide content that supports you to be who you are and do what you are here to do.

          Keep up the good work!

      24. Hi Kevin,
        Usually I know what life is showing me but this time, I need a little help:
        When I came back from an english seminar in Italy, there had been a tremendous storm back at my home. Although all the windows had been closed, the wind had gotten into one room and pushed(and broke) the wall opposite the window.Even when I look at it, I don’t understand how it is possible…
        Maybe you have one of your insights for me….

        1. Hi Hannah,
          I often don’t understand what life is showing to me right away. If something is puzzling me, I will sit quietly with it and ask if there’s anything significant that this is showing me. I also look for other things that are happening in my life that seem to offer similar meaning. If something is important, I usually find that it is repeated in many different ways until I get it.


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