What Gets You Up and Going?

    It’s Monday. Do those words bring joy to your ears? Do you find it challenging to get yourself up and going on this morning or any other? Sure you could go for the coffee and fool your body into thinking it’s excited and ready to go. Nothing wrong with a little coffee—though a little exercise may do the trick even better.

    However, if coffee, energy drinks, or mood-altering drugs are the only thing that seem to get you up and going, maybe there’s a different answer.

    What are you looking forward to when you wake up? What lights up your spirit and makes you jazzed for the day ahead?

    Have you lost your “spirit” in the maze of your “To Do List?” Does the start of the week signal a time to put your head down and plough through? I know I’ve been there many times in my life.

    However, if the seduction of getting it all done, getting ahead, or chasing after that elusive “When I get there, I’ll be happy,” has worn you out, you may be ready to find a different sort of inspiration.

    If you find it hard to get up and going, maybe a shift in perspective can change that. What if you asked yourself different questions that would welcome new experiences? For example:

    What does your soul desire?

    What deeply interests you and how can you engage more fully with that?

    If today was your last day to live, what would you get busy doing?

    What contribution will you make to better our world today?

    What small act of kindness can you find to brighten someone else’s day?

    These questions shift us from grinding it out, to welcoming the joy of purpose in each new day. You are here on purpose. What does that mean to you right now, in this moment?


    Kevin Schoeninger

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