Want To Be A Self-Help Author?

    Do you have a message that could transform lives?

    Do you dream of writing a book to share your experiences
    with the world? Then listen up …

    Because what I have for you today could skyrocket your
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    What if you could short-cut the normal hassles of becoming
    a successful author — i.e. the years it often takes writing
    proposals and searching for a publisher?

    Take it from me… I’ve looked into this myself…

    Getting a self-help book into the best-seller list is no easy
    task (using conventional methods). Many have tried and few
    have succeeded. But there is a way to do it without putting
    yourself through the endless hassles and years of rejection…

    So says my friends Chris and Janet Attwood, NY Times Best-
    Selling Authors of “The Passion Test”. Chris and Janet have
    put together some fantastic free information to help get you
    started. Check it out here:


    They’ll even walk you through the process. Plus you’ll get to
    hear from experts like:

    ** Wayne Dyer about what it takes to move from a life focused
    merely on ambition to one of real meaning

    ** Jack Canfield and Stephen Covey about what it takes to find
    your own unique voice

    ** Neale Donald Walsch about how to break free from the
    blocks that have been holding you back to give expression to
    your own special gifts and insights

    It gets better… You also have the chance to win:

    1) A major publishing contract
    2) Inclusion in an Android phone app
    3) Inclusion in a compilation book with top NY Times
    bestselling authors

    Here’s your chance to get coached by professionals and put your
    knowledge into practice at the same time. Take a look here to see
    if you qualify:


    And do me a favor…

    Send me an email to say thanks when you’re the next top
    self-help author! 😉

    To Your Highest Possibilities!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Don’t go through the agony of being turned down by hundreds of
    publishers like Chicken Soup authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor
    Hansen. Learn and apply at the same time while you get professional
    feedback on the quality of your work. Enter the contest now:



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