Wake Up America, These Words Aren’t Real!

    We’ve arrived at silly season again in the US!

    Yes, it’s an election year—and the wars of words are everywhere you turn.  Whether you live in the U.S. or just worry about how what happens affects your own country, it’s easy to get caught up in all the drama, fed-up with all the lies, and scared about what might happen.

    Is there a more spiritual perspective that could help us see deeper, let go of stress, and make better choices?

    I believe there’s a profound insight that can free our minds.  It’s about the nature of our thoughts, the nature of our words, and how these shape the worlds we live in.

    “Worlds” you say?  Isn’t there just one world?  Don’t we all live on the same planet?

    We do live on the same planet.  However, we all live in our “own worlds.”  Our worlds, what each of us view as real and possible, are the result of our thoughts.  They are the result of how we interpret the Reality before us.

    In his book, A Separate Reality (Simon and Schuster, 1971, p. 218-219) higher-consciousness explorer Carlos Castenada expresses what this means, “We maintain our world with our internal talk. . .Not only that, but we choose our paths as we talk to ourselves.  Thus we repeat the same choices over and over until the day we die, because we keep repeating the same internal talk.”

    We have a misconception about what thoughts and words are—and what they do.  We mistakenly think that thoughts and words “represent Reality.”  We think that they “mirror” what is happening “out there.”

    In fact, they are much more creative.  Your thoughts and words do not tell you “what is.”  In essence, your thoughts and words “organize reality.”  In a sense, they “create it.”  They create the worlds of meaning that you inhabit.

    To prove this for yourself, take a moment to look around you and notice every detail in your environment in rapid succession.  .  .

    In just a few moments, you can discover that there is so much around you that you weren’t aware of a few moments ago.  It was all there, you just weren’t attending to it.  Your attention is highly selective, choosing just the details that you think are important and presenting that to you as “what’s going on.”

    Now, consider that everything you see is “energy,” vibrating at various frequencies.  Consider that your senses are designed to pick up only a small band of these frequencies out of all the frequencies that are available.  There are huge quantities of information that you can’t perceive.  There are electromagnetic fields, gravity, and layers of reality of which you are unaware.

    Perhaps there are spiritual realms, beings of light, guardian angels, nature spirits, and many others present in frequencies you can’t perceive, inhabiting reality along with you.  Who knows?

    One thing you can know is that Reality is multifaceted, diverse, and infinitely complex.  There are innumerable events going on and infinite perspectives from which to view them.  Therefore, any thoughts and words that attempt to describe “what is happening” are by definition just “filtered realities.”  They are just ways of organizing all of that complexity into something that our minds can grasp and act on.

    If that’s so, why is it important?  And, how does it give us any spiritual insight?

    Back to our presidential election.

    What if you considered all words you hear simply as ways of organizing reality?

    If that’s so, then it’s just a matter of what world you want to live in.  Instead of arguing over who is right and who is wrong, you might ask the question, “What is the consequence of looking at the world this way versus that way?”

    If words are just ways of organizing reality, they simply open up certain possibilities, while closing off others.  What words open up the kind of world you want to live in?

    Now, you might not find any words that open up the kind of world you want to live in in the political sphere.  If that’s the case, you may find yourself just voting for someone who expresses some things you want to see happen in the world.  Don’t worry, politics isn’t everything.  It’s what each of us are doing every day in our lives that has the most impact.

    So, even more importantly, beyond voting, you might use this insight about thoughts and words to consider what is going on in your own mind.  What might happen if, rather than believing your thoughts, rather than hanging onto them, rather than identifying with them and defending them as if they were real and true, you stepped back from them and observed them?

    What if you observed them simply as ways of organizing reality?  What if you observed the consequences of your different thoughts?  What if you used these observations to choose which thoughts to focus on, which ones to entertain, and which ones to let go?

    What if you took that practice into your conversations with others, so that you could truly listen to their thoughts without needing to argue that yours are right, express your own without attachment to them, and make choices together that would have the consequences you both desire?

    Thoughts and words are creative.

    What do you want to create?

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      1. Thoughts and words are creative. Indeed. You have to stay true to your values when listening to anyone. Each of us has our own perspective and evaluation of words and deeds we do and others utter or perform. No wonder there is confusion and frustration ! Good points about observation – and lack of it.

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