Transform Money Fears Into Action

    Financial fear is a constant background in our current global consciousness. Whether you are financially well-off, struggling, or somewhere in-between, everyone is affected at some level. We are all part of a global economic system and feel the effects of its cycles.

    The key is what do you do with your fear?

    To work well with fear, it can be helpful to understand it. The purpose of fear is to alert you to action you need to take. Good to know. Knowing that, instead of avoiding your fear, suppressing it, or running from it, you may be inspired to learn from it. Fear made conscious is much less scary and it may even motivate and guide you.

    While some fears are simply overblown fabrications of an overactive imagination, any time we feel fear, it can be an invitation to learn something about ourselves and grow into our greater potential.

    What are your fears about money?

    Are you afraid of not having enough? Are you afraid there’s not enough to go around? Are you afraid that you don’t have the skills or resources to get more? Are you afraid that you don’t deserve it? Are you afraid of losing what you have or that someone else will take it?

    Take a moment to write down the first three fears that come to mind as you contemplate money. Write them down without editing or thinking too much about it.

    Inside each of those fears are potential actions you can take to address that fear. For each of your three fears list one-three actions you could take to counter your fear, overcome it, or move through it.

    For example, you could save a little each week. You could easily do this by saving the change from any purchase or by . . .
    You could take a little time each day to grow a skill or service that you can exchange for money.
    You could strengthen your family, friendships, and business relationships so that you have a sense that you are all in this together.

    Inside any fear you have is a potential action step. Approach your money fears with a curious attention to discover what that might be. When you do that, you transform your relationship with fear and money and shift into a feeling of being guided to and provided with everything you need. You shift from fear into inspired action.

    Enjoy your practice,


    Kevin Schoeninger

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