Free Meditation Download And Audio Tips: How To Raise Your Vibration By Getting ‘Holistically Fit’!

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Holistic Fitness Meditation Download
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47 Responses to “Free Meditation Download And Audio Tips: How To Raise Your Vibration By Getting ‘Holistically Fit’!”

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you for putting the pieces together. Although I meditate and exercise regularly, your simple equation helped me to feel the direct link between the walk, the weights and the meditation. I do not always do these activies in that order, but now I will.

  2. I’ve always practiced healthy eating, flexibility, walking, breathing, and posture exercises, and leading an active life. But I’ve never been able to meditate. I’m far too antsy. This recording did make it easier, but I still found myself getting impatient at about 8 minutes.

  3. Adele says:

    I’m 62, tired, fuzzy-brained, but in order to survive financially, need to be active, enthusiatic, supportive, informative, etc in my role as a teacher. (Can you imagine!). Fortunately I love what I do, if only all the important elements could be put in place to give me my “wow” back.
    I read the articles, taken the quiz and ready to implement what you suggested. Even worked out a healthy diet to go with it. Tomorrow, Monday 17 January 2011 is the beginning of a new life for me.
    what a challenge! Thanks guys.

  4. SANDRA says:

    Hi guys, I am a 58 year old grandma of 6 and 4th child in a family of ten. My wonderful mother passed away suddenly jan 7 2011. yes a week ago. I want you to know your programs have kept me on me on a journey that began about three years ago, to spiritual awareness and peace and serenity in alife that was out of control. I use your core meditation STYLE IN EVERY MEDITATION or breathing practice I am doing, it really does help me focus and become still. Your gratitude meditation is the best I have ever practiced and use it every night. I have purchased all of these plus the practise, which ironicaly i have not got through it yet.(lol)
    I tried this new appoach of releasing while on my daily power walk of 40 mins yesterday. I found it amazing, I started to bring up my feelings of grief and depression at about the 25 min mark and continued to do this until I arrived home. It is not easy as we press down these feelings because we cannot stand the pain, but the good news is the natural endorphins created by the excersing of walking do make it a little easier. I begin my walk by having an attitude of gratitude about all I see and my abundant health, which is also a wonderful way to start the day. Please continue your good work as I HAVE GREAT GRATITUDE which comes from my very CORE and i will Practise these modes of finding peace and serenity the rest of my life, THANKYOU! NAMASTE

  5. Girish says:


    You are doing a wonderful job of spreading awareness about things generally people do not know and also proving them with very useful resources.

    God bless you & your family


  6. Michele says:

    What a wonderful meditation! Despite the briefness, the voice and specific phrases used took me to a deep level of meditation and high awareness of both my physical body and my energy level. I was able to adjust my vibration quickly and came out of the meditation feeling incredibly light, centered, focused and gently energetic –perfect for taking on my day! I do see though, this would also be appropriate for later in the evening when I don’t want high energy that would keep me from sleeping. This is a meditation I will enjoy using often. Thank you!

  7. Girish says:


    Listened to Fitness Meditation CD. It is a good one.


    1. Add the musical background (commonly used water-fall type)

    2. Create gaps between sentences for allowing to really experience void.

    Thanks & regards

  8. Charushri says:

    I am not sure about wether i hv got the full content downloaded or not… can you please tell me the duration of this audio? thanks 🙂

  9. Evepet says:

    I liked that 10 second meditation. While within, I noticed feelings of anxiety, fullness, tension, and occasional twinges of pain in various areas of my body. Relaxing into whatever I was noticing at the time generally smoothed out the feeling and released it.

    I was also quite surprised when I opened my eyes at the end and climatized again to my surroundings, that I had ocmpletely lost the sound of my wall clock ticking and laptop humming beside me. They’d completely lost my awareness during the ‘focus within’ part of the meditation, but had been the only noises in the room, as noticed at the beginning.

    I’m definitely going to use this meditation after I do my 20 minutes on my elliptical exercise. I think it did help me concentrate and focus within more fully than I have been doing on my own.

    BTW, I started meditating after my 20 minutes on my elliptical after reading the first part about the Inner Parallel a few days ago. It hadn’t occured to me at all until reading your program, to do so. But my body and mind felt so relaxed after exercising that I slip into a deeper meditative state much more easily, so your suggestions totally make sense. I did the meditation this morning without having exercised… I’m looking forward to seeing the difference when I use if post-exercise.

  10. Deborah says:


    That was fantastic, thank you. I’m really stressed because I have an ill dog and that meditation just worked brilliantly. Exactly what I needed so the LOA is obviously working for me, for once!!

  11. Alice – Excellent – glad to hear it!

    “Rebel With a Fork” – everybody gets a little impatient with meditation. Just enjoy it as best you can 🙂

    Adele – great job!

    SANDRA – that’s awesome! Namaste

    Girish – thank you. Good suggestions. I know Kevin likes to keep his meditation tracks music free to keep the “pure awareness”, but I know some prefer it as you suggest. Yes, I agree on the pauses. I’ll mention it to him.

    Michele – You’re welcome 🙂

    To Charushri and Evepet — the meditation is 10 minutes long, so perhaps you didn’t get the full download? I just downloaded it again now and it worked fine. I would refresh the page and try again!

    Evepet – that sounds like a good way to practice. Let us know how it goes.

    Deborah – glad to hear it 🙂


  12. Glenn says:

    Albeit brief, this guided meditation served to enable me to calm my mind and to become aware of my ‘state.’ I found it to be a useful entry point for experiencing a ‘meditative state’ in exchange for a very low investment of my time.

  13. Eugene says:

    Mind, body, heart, and spirit: Like the earth is made of water, earth, fire, and air, these four elements make us who we are. In order to fully explore our potential we need to constantly nurture all aspects of our lives.

    It’s not just about being “well-rounded” or balanced; it’s about being anchored in what really matters. And with the world currently going through some interesting times (to put it lightly), making the change has never been more important.

    It’s like Steven Covey says: “Human beings are not things needing to be motivated and controlled; they are four dimensional—body, mind, heart, and spirit.” Can’t wait to see more!

  14. Joy says:

    Hello Kevin and Matt

    Aha another interesting, functional product that makes sense. I bought your Core Energy Meditation,which is well thought out product, well suited to everyday living.
    The new Holistic Fitness Training sounds very interesting. I’m off to take the quiz now. I’d be up to test drive a copy. Thank You and your staff for all your dedication and hard work in designing and ensuring quality products that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Namaste.

  15. Kevin Schoeninger says:

    Thanks to all of you for participating in this practice and sharing your experiences with it.

    This is a short, 10-minute meditation, an entry level, so there are not many pauses. The longer versions, 20 and 30 minutes, in The Holistic Fitness Training Program have longer pauses and give you more space to go deeper into the practice.

    It is so nice to hear back from people, like all of you, who are really getting it.

    Keep up your good practice,

  16. Nancy says:

    Took a strenuous walk (on packed and churned up snow) and then did the meditation, along with one I’d downloaded previously on Acceptance. I tried posting this morning, but it doesn’t appear to have gotten through. Here it is again:

    I appreciate this perspective. I tend to fluctuate between mind training (meditation, brainwave entrainment, guided meditations, hypnosis) and physical. I haven’t found a way to commit to both at the same time. I tend to want to focus on the physical, because my body isn’t in a state of great health, as you describe it. So, to find the time for exercise in the morning before work, I tend to drop the meditation.

    There are LOTS of programs for physical training on the web, and I have many of them. The problem with most is that they do not take beginners (or older people) into account very well. With carpal tunnel and low upper body strength, push ups from my knees is not a sufficient modification. (I now use the wall and fingertips to avoid holding and lifting my weight on bent wrist.) In the past, I have tended to overdo very quickly, because I have been so fit at times, that I think I can still handle what I was doing previously. I’ve learned the hard way that this is not the case. Now that I have chronic lower back/hip pain, it is critical that I learn how to be active, without injuring myself, and to take time for recovery. Flexibility training would undoubtedly help in this regard too.

    I am eager to see how you develop a program for what you refer to as “entry” level. And, I believe it could be incredibly valuable to have a more holistic approach than the diet and hard core exercise routines that are currently being promoted.

    Oh, and one more thing, when you talk about not having the energy to accomplish or attract what you desire when your body is not in a state of vibrant health, I couldn’t agree more. The last half of 2010 was very difficult for me as my body/health deteriorated, and I lost interest in just about everything that used to matter to me. I’m looking forward to getting back into a state of balance.

  17. I thank you for the opportunity to try this sample program of 10 minutes meditation. I am used to meditation up to one hour,learned from my Grand Mother while I was still a child.The difference I have noticed between my practice and this new technique is the very small time span at the deep meditation stage.I think, this is deliberate to let the student get used to the practice of deep level state of becoming receptive to the hints from the universe.

    There is one important lesson I have noticed in the overall program,with reference to my life. This is that my meditation spells had all along been random,dictated more by a need to relax or to contemplate some new idea. ( I am 68 years old)Linking to relaxation from exercise and seeing it in the Holistic perspective and the sequence suggested,gives me a better perception of the holistic approach. Thanks once again!

  18. Kelvin says:

    Thank you very much. The unexplored parallel are indeed very helpful to me.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hi, thank you for reminding me of the 4 categories to being balanced. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. It made me think about the tires on my car. We all know without tires, we would not be able to move our car. If one tire has a large nail, the car will drive wobbly at first and if not taken care of will go flat, which would prevent the car from being able to move forward. If we equate each tire with each of the categories, it is easy to see how each category affects the other. If we do not take care of ourselves Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically everyday, we will become the wobbly wheel riding along for a while, maybe even get used to it, but eventually go flat and unable to move forward. Thank you for reminding me.

  20. David says:

    Thank you guys! I never thought of putting a balanced approach together. I would meditate, exercise, eat a healthy diet etc. THis really codifies everything into a neat package

    Well done!

  21. Radha says:

    I am very grateful that you are putting out a program that will support us in experiencing the self, that is always spacious in joy. It is waiting to come forth, to blossom in the sun of our awareness. You have set up each modality synchronistically, in a synergistic flow where it all comes together to give birth to an ever-fresh experience. 1+1 does not simply equal 2 when the life of synergistic principles are at work. It can equal infinity giving birth to newer and newer aspects of the self.

  22. I really enjoyed this 10 minutes minutes meditation. I am also very enthusiastic about your programs. They encapsulate my whole outlook of many years of trainings and practice. I get thrilled at promoting them, so it’s really easy for me to write about them!
    Thank you!

  23. Pieter says:

    Namaste Guys,

    Thank you greatly for the meditation. I found it simplistic in its manner of allowing me to get to the essence of meditating. The absence of music allowed me to concentrate on me and not be moved away by the journey of the sound vibrations as in some other meditative CDs I have listened to.
    The increase awareness of my inner space became honed like a well oiled knife, ie razor sharp.
    Thank You!

  24. Jan Yttergaard says:

    Thank you for all the free information. I’m in the middle of a prossec to take my life back.
    So I now eat 75% Raw food, to get my body in better alkaline Ph balance. And a try to get as mutch information for the hole body as posible. I’m not working at the moment because of my Bekhterevs disease, so I’m glad it’s free.
    Jan Oslo,Norway.

  25. Daniela says:

    Hi! That’s another piece of the puzzle! With this combination of mind, soul, emotions and body, nothing will be impossible for us! I absolutely like this blend of perfect, simple ideas to put into practice immediately. Out of our comfort zone, but in a very gentle way. Thank you so much for reminding us about the importance of health and relaxation, after so many insights about meditation and LOA! Daniela

  26. Sue says:

    I downloaded the meditation CD and I must say I was very impressed. I don’t think it needs anything more, like running water, chimes, bells etc.
    I have listened to many others and halfway through I was bored and switched them off. Perhaps it is because I have not yet mastered the art of meditation, because my mind never stops, but for the full ten minutes, I heard nothing else but the voice telling me what to do and I think that is great.
    I believe you are going to have great success with this meditational CD, and will help many people in the future with your program.
    God bless

  27. sabbah says:


    Thanks for the free meditation, just what I needed after an emotional and tiring day. I LOVED the gentleness of it, I have read so many personal dev books, tried so many methods and courses. what most of them point towards, is the one thing I seem to miss and that is to chill out!

    Then I get frustrated about not being able to relax and be present. But all that is really required is a gentle awareness.



  28. sha says:

    hi guys,

    about a half a year ago my world fell apart and ever since, I’ve been trying to build a new and better one. I’ve made a lot of progress but I confess, I was taking the “spiritual enema” route. I have great respect for that route, believe me, but after reading your free two part report and taking your quizzes I realize that I was neglecting my physical. this program that you’re about to launch, from what I’ve read and heard, seems to resonate with me and makes me excited to become holistically fit!

    anyways I just finished listening to your meditation and experienced some relief/release in the form of tears. I always welcome that type of release because I know how cleansing it is. well done indeed.

    thank you for this gift and all that you do.


  29. John says:

    I had not thought about this before, but my only successful manifestations happened during the time when I was doing my meditations as part of the “cool down” from a weightlifting workout.

    Whether I buy into the rest of your program or not, you’ve given me something new to consider. Thank you.

  30. My inner space is a beautiful place
    When the chatter is quiet
    And the mind is faced
    With nothing to do
    But to observe with grace
    The wonders of life
    Where there is no haste
    I’m so glad to be here
    My inner space.

  31. Nancy says:

    First work day when I have exercised then used this helpful 10 minute meditation after. I’m liking the experience of combining the two practices. This short one makes it possible. On non work days, I am able to listen to a longer meditation after the workout. Looking forward to learning more about the HFT program.

  32. narayana says:

    I have just read your Unexplored path
    part 1 & 2 and also listened to your tape
    and done the 10 minute meditation.
    I have been on spiritual path for a long time
    and could relate easily to your holistic approach.
    You seem to have hit the nail on the head with
    this approach, the whole body operates as a single
    organism and you have to treat it as such, well done.
    A small and very useful suggestion, I think you can add a very important component, ie diet.
    I found by my experience that a predominantly vegetarian
    diet with low spice content helps a lot,
    consuming raw food (uncooked food),fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices, salads, etc. greatly helps in energising
    and cleansing the body and the mind.
    You are doing Great work which is very much needed in the world today.

    Thank You

  33. Kris says:

    So simple. I have always exercised and meditated, but never in the order discussed. Now I understand the corelation between a relaxed body and a relaxed mind. I will pay more attention to this in the future.

  34. Jennifer says:

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with what you discussed in your audio. I was on the right path for several months, combining meditation and exercise as part of my daily ritual (would declare righteously to any and all who tried to disrupt me ‘not now… i’m medercising!’); but then fell off the wagon… the stairclimber, actually. And, it has become apparant that life seems to have gotten tougher since I stopped taking care of me first.

    Plan to give your program a try and dust off the dumbbells once again; because the feeling of ease is one that I definately want to have back again. Thanks 🙂

  35. Isandy says:

    Just watting the download to finish, thanks for all these free stuff!!

  36. Thanks to you many many times.

  37. John Odoom says:

    I have found great peace using the meditation guide

  38. ekeator dike says:

    I now sleep less and well using your Unexplored Parallel. I used to combine them in no particular order. But doing exercise before meditation and visualization is giving me great energy for rest of the day.Thank you!

  39. Marie says:

    Thanks for the download. I am really enjoying it.

  40. G.Rajesh says:

    Thank you Matt for the intorduction audio.

  41. Thank you for the possibility to know about such thing. I must yet to study your materials.

  42. Marianne says:

    Very nice!

  43. valeria says:

    thank you so much for all your presents!

  44. Lynn Trobaugh says:

    Thank you so much for all the goodies. I have always had
    a hard time quieting my mind during meditation, but with this I feel like I am truly getting all the benefits of

    Thanks again

  45. robin says:

    Thank you, that was fantastic and so relaxing. Feel centered and focused now.

  46. Michael Malette says:

    Harnessing our Mind Body Fitness.

    Everyday has a busy side, I defined this as activity. After a good swim, workout or even a brisk walk there is a natural peace reward.

    We can be peaceful while still being ambitious and fully engaged with life and its many complications. I can be peaceful by following my own authentic purpose and living
    true to my highest values.

    By taking some time each day to ponder about what I really want right now, I discover some my deepest desires. With this mind body fitness, it is now easier to think about and imagine these desires. Without judgment, I challenge myself to push past any perceived limitations, judgments, or fears I may have about what I want to achieve.

    It is my personal privilege to harness and express that joy, and notice how much stronger it makes me feel.

    Whatever else is going on now is a beautiful time to be alive.

  47. Thank you Michael.
    That was beautifully stated.

    Keep up your great practice!

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