The Ultimate Smart Device

    We’re trained from an early age to seek and surf information in the world around us and online. We are masters of storing and retrieving bits of external information, much of which has little relevance to what really matters in our lives. Meanwhile, we are commonly out of touch with the most profound information available to us. No matter how much technology progresses, it will never match the bio-energetic information processing capacity of the ultimate smart device—the human body.

    Your body processes at a speed and complexity that we have barely begun to understand. However, you have access to this information through your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. These summarize the infinitely complex calculations of your body and present the findings in consciousness-sized chunks. By tapping into your inner information network you access a powerful compass that will point you to what you need to know both inside and around you.

    So how do you access this dynamic, interactive, inner network of information?

    For many people, thoughts are the easiest point of access. Your thoughts come to you as words that float through your head. Make it a habit to check in with your thoughts whenever you are looking for guidance on “What do I need to do now?” or “What do I need to pay attention to?” Begin by checking in with the stream of your thinking.

    For example, you might hear: “I need to get a new job,” “He/she is really attractive,” “I need a break,” “Those Republicans/Democrats really get under my skin,” “That article looks interesting,” “I wish he/she would pay attention to me,” or “I’d love a cup of coffee right now” . . .

    Once you’ve identified your dominant thought, ask yourself, “How does that make me feel?” Say the thought again to yourself and make note of what you feel when you say it. Your feelings let you know the emotional significance of your thoughts. They guide you toward relevance, importance, and meaning.

    For example, you might feel anxious, excited, agitated, jealous, angry, sad, bored, flat, depressed, afraid, content, happy . . .

    Finally, note what sensations those feelings create in your body. For example, you might sense tightness, shakiness, heat, pressure, a wave of energy rising or a wave of energy falling, tingling, numbness, fatigue, dizziness, heaviness, lightness, inflated, deflated, relaxed, spacious clarity, or well-being. Your body gives you the most concrete feedback about what is real, pertinent, and valuable to you right now.

    Most importantly, as you observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, allow them to be whatever they are. Let go of needing to filter, edit, or change them. Simply be aware of them. This is essential if you are going to get an accurate reading.

    As you attend to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations with a calm accepting attitude you gain greater consciousness of your inner information system. You realize greater ease in allowing thoughts, feelings, and sensations to come and go. Most importantly, you discover what information to pay attention to, what to let go of, and what to follow through on. You grow your inner skills and acquaint yourself with your inner compass. Your body is the ultimate smart device!

    Enjoy your practice!


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Qigong Meditation is a phenomenal way to familiarize yourself with your inner information system while realizing deep relaxation and inner clarity. Click here to learn more.

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