The Source of Financial Confidence

    The answer to financial confidence might seem obvious. Isn’t it about having a lot of money and/or having a good job? If that were the case, wouldn’t people with those things feel safe, secure, and confident in their financial life? Looking around, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s just as likely that someone who is “wealthy” is just as afraid and insecure as anyone else. So, what is the basis of financial confidence and how can you get more of it?

    Apart from setting up a printing press, what can you do to feel financially confident?

    Let’s take a look at some real basic economics. The economy is a process of exchanging value. You exchange something valuable you have for something that you want or need. For example, you have certain skills which you exchange for a paycheck which you exchange for your monthly expenses.

    What would give you confidence in this process?

    First and foremost, you must be aware of what you have that is valuable to exchange. What knowledge, skills, and resources do you have that you can exchange for what you need? If you undervalue what you have to offer, you will lack financial confidence.

    So how do you build this side of the equation? You become aware of your unique set of knowledge, skills, and resources. Then, you grow those resources so that you have something substantial to exchange. For example, that may mean getting training in an area of your interest to increase your knowledge and skills.

    Next, is the other side of the equation—the market for what you have to offer. Who needs what you have to offer and how do they want to receive it? You must discover how what you have to offer fits a need that others have—and in a way that they want to take it in. For example, if you are a skilled chef, you need to find out what others like to eat and learn to cook that. Or maybe because of your unique talent you create something new that people discover they like. Either way, you take what you have to offer and find a way to deliver it so others want it.

    Is this too basic? If so, take a look at your financial confidence and, if it is lacking, see if you are undervaluing what you have to offer or having trouble finding a market for it. To be financially confident, you’ll have to answer both sides of that equation.

    But, there’s an even deeper Source of financial confidence that makes all the difference in how easily you flow with those basic steps. That is “Trust” in the Source of the economy. I’m not talking about the government, or big business, or any human organization. I’m talking about the Source of all that is. There’s a fundamental confidence that flows from seeing that the Source of Life always provides what you need. And I’m not talking about some wishful thinking or some vague spiritual idea, I’m talking about witnessing how this is “actually the case” in your life.

    What would happen if you looked at your life through the lens of “I Trust that I am always provided for”? What if you actively looked for evidence that this is so? How would it change your perspective if, rather than looking for the obstacles, the culprits to blame, or the financial problems you have, you instead focused on appreciating what you have and looking for opportunities to exchange that for what you need? What if appreciation for what you have and gratitude for the opportunities around you consumed a majority of your time, energy, and attention?

    Would that make a difference? How might that shift your financial confidence? Personally, I’ve found it an experiment that makes all the difference.

    Enjoy your practice!


    Kevin Schoeninger

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