The Secret to Your Success

    What is it that differentiates those who are happy, fulfilled, successful, and living in the flow of the life they are meant to live?  Sure it’s the natural abilities, talents, and resources they possess.  But everyone has natural talents, abilities, and resources.  What determines who realizes their potential and who doesn’t?

    The answer is mind-body skills.

    Whatever success means to you, these four skills will determine if you achieve what you desire or not.  They are the secrets to your fulfillment in all dimensions of your life.  So what are these mind-body skills?

    1. Body Awareness: the ability to sense inside your physical body and with that the ability to relax and be present and centered.

    2. Emotional Awareness: the ability to feel your emotions and with that the ability to understand what your emotions are telling you and to use emotional energy to fuel your life.

    3. Mental Awareness: the ability to know your thoughts and beliefs and with that the ability to clear and focus your mind.

    4. Spiritual Awareness: the ability to envision “who you are” and “what you are here to do” and with that the ability to actualize your authentic possibilities in service to the One Life that we all share.

    Mind-body training is about cultivating these skills.  This blog is about sharing tips and resources to help you practice them on a daily basis.

    Enjoy your practice!

    Kevin Schoeninger

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