The Secret to Turning Around the Economy

    It’s hard to go through a day without hearing some story about the sorry state of the world economy. Personally, I’m not buying it. Here’s why:

    Your personal experience of the economy is the direct result of how you see and act on opportunities. No matter what happens, there are opportunities in it. The secret is to look for opportunities that match your interests, talents, values, and resources. You match what you bring with what the world needs.

    I interact with many people who are doing well now and some who are struggling. Not surprisingly, people on both sides are seeing things pretty much the same way they always have. Some people I know tend to see struggle in life, others tend to see opportunities.

    The circumstances don’t really matter that much to these stories. Those who struggle may find more fuel for their story now and be more vocal about it, while those who are succeeding may be quietly going about finding opportunities and acting on them—like they always do.

    When will the world economy turn around?

    When we, collectively, tell stories of opportunity instead of stories of struggle.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for that moment. You can move forward by finding the opportunities that reflect your interests, talents, values, and resources right now. When you do that, we all win.

    You don’t even have to believe in opportunities to find them. You can treat life as an experiment and ask “What if there were opportunities for me right now?” and see what you discover.


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. The Life You Are Meant to Live is a program that empowers you with the inner skills to identify and realize your ideal opportunities

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