The Key To Living Your Dreams In 2008

    Why is it that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first couple of weeks?

    Would you like to know how to make SURE the positive changes you intend for 2008 are long-lasting?

    That’s what I want to talk about today.

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    First of all, WHAT are your aspirations for 2008?

    Do you want to meditate more, be happier, make more money, enjoy better relationships, start a new business, begin a new project? How would you like to make all the changes you truly desire REALLY stick in 2008, and feel great about it?

    Since the launch of Kevin Schoeninger’s “The Power Of Practice” program in November, we’ve talked a lot about why people often run up against challenges with “The Secret” and what it REALLY takes to live the life you are MEANT to live.

    In “The Power Of Practice”, Kevin says that people often get stuck when they over-focus on RESULTS while not paying enough attention to the activity or the PRACTICE necessary for success.

    This holds true in every area of your life: your meditation practice, your health, your financial health, the health of your relationships.

    “Feeling-based visualization” as described in “The Secret” and many self-help programs is great once per day or during a break in action. Done correctly it serves to remind you what you’re doing and focus your intention on the APPROPRIATE actions given the situation in which you find yourself.

    Look at the best athletes…

    Are they fantasizing about victory during in the big games? Heck no! Their focus is in the game itself while they’re playing. They’re focused on what’s really happening here and now and on taking appropriate action in the moment.

    What about New Year’s resolutions? Why are they often short-lived?

    Many times it’s the same reason. People over-focus on the results and miss the important thing that would cause their dreams to happen – the practice. Long term success at anything requires that you focus on the PRACTICE – more specifically, the DAILY PRACTICE.

    OK, now I see someone in Utah shouting across the Atlantic,

    “Okay, Matt & Kevin – we get the idea already. You’re saying it’s all about practice, but how do get started and make sure our practice continues to be effective in 2008?

    Well, to do that effectively, I think it’s important to be part of a community of people who share same intention to support you.

    By the way, thanks to everyone who posted their comments in the post below about the planned SGM re-launch. It’s good to see people are excited with what we have planned for the SGM re-launch. The date for that has now been set to January 19th. Be sure to join the “early bird” list for that if you haven’t already done so at the bottom of this post.

    The new SGM is all about a community of practice, ongoing coaching and support.

    For example, how many times have you had questions or issues that have surfaced during your meditation, or even questions about the life you are meant to live? Well now you’ll be able to put those questions to the instructor, Kevin (who has over 25 years of teaching experience). You’ll also be able to interact with him and the other members on coaching calls, share your experiences and get feedback and encouragement.

    That’s really what makes change lasting – it’s the supportive environment. Let’s face it – not everyone is always supportive of the changes you want to make in your life! We want to have a positive and supportive environment conducive to change, we don’t want to spread our support and coaching resources too thin.

    That’s why we’re limiting members of SGM to 500 initially. We want to make sure the quality of the experience is great for everyone. We’ll take a few months to assess the impact and then we may open the site back up again in the future and allow members but for now, there will be just 500.

    The re-launch of will begin Monday, January 12th 2008 at 12pm Eastern. Join the early bird list below:

    Also be sure to register for The "New Year Breakthrough" Training if you haven’t already done so.


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      1. Jeanne says:

        Hi Matt… great timely post! I think many people have the belief that if you want something so much, that is enough to get it! They forget about the persistent right action. They forget that developing any new skill or habit takes time — and as you say, lots and lots of persistent practice.

        I really enjoy your site!


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