The Secret Code Of Abundance: Free Manifesting Software

    I’ve got something truly amazing to share today.

    First of all, here’s a quick question …

    What if there was a “Secret Code” for having everything
    you wanted? … A code that’s been hidden for centuries that
    only a select few ever know and use?

    And what if this “Secret Code” was the key to manifesting
    abundance, finding your Soulmate, unleashing your creativity
    and feeling deep levels of inner peace and self-confidence?

    OK, you’re going to love this …

    My friend Paul Bauer sent me something last week that
    literally blew my mind. The ‘Secret Code Of Abundance’ is
    a stunning little “manifesting software program” that sits
    on your computer and helps you manifest your desires!

    It’s easy as pie to use and soooo much fun! (I checked it out
    and it’s also completely safe too). I’ve been having loads of
    fun playing around with it the last few days 🙂 and I think this is
    such a powerful way to focus on what you want in your life.

    So how does it work?

    It pops up on your computer first thing in the morning (if you
    want it to) and guides you in setting your intentions. Actually,
    you have the choice of creating new intentions, visualizing your
    existing goals or spending a few minutes in gratitude. You can
    even have it ‘remind’ you at set times throughout your day!

    There’s also first class audio instruction from Paul, a true expert
    on the law of attraction. He walks you through the ‘Secret Code Of
    Abundance’, how to manifest your desires, and how to breakthrough
    some of the roadblocks we all face.

    Look: Just trust me on this one, OK?

    Go ahead, download it and have some fun! Then send me an
    email to say thanks for the recommendation. Get it here:


    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    PS. We’re getting all kinds of tickets on the Help Desk about the
    ‘Holistic Fitness Training’ offer. I’m sorry, but that offer expired
    Monday and we’ve taken the page down now. Sorry if you missed it,
    but there was plenty of notice over the last few weeks and we need to
    move on now. It will be available again next year.


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