The Power of Mental Rehearsal

    In our last post, we focused on the importance of imagination to break out of old ruts and envision new possibilities. Today, we’ll explore a specific way to use your imaginative powers to create these new possibilities in your life.

    Whenever you do anything, you activate and reinforce a specific network of neurological pathways in your body and brain. Whatever you repeat, you reinforce. This is true whether you repeat the activity in real life or just in your mind with your imagination.

    What makes this possible is the fact that the same neurological networks in your brain are encoded and stimulated by mentally rehearsing something as by actually physically doing it. The more you mentally rehearse something the more you groove those particular neural networks and the easier it becomes to neurologically fire those pathways.

    You’ve heard of athletes using mental rehearsal to prepare for competition. In the same way, actors mentally rehearse their parts and patients are taught to visualize healing of injuries and illness to speed the recovery process.

    You can use the principles of mental rehearsal to prepare the way for anything you desire in life. Whether it is getting a job, achieving a personal goal, completing a project, losing weight, getting fit, healing an illness, or improving a relationship, you can create the mental tracks for this experience by consistent mental rehearsal of your desired outcome.

    In our next post, we’ll look at some keys to effective mental rehearsal.

    If you have used mental rehearsal effectively in your life, please share how you did it in the comments section.

    Happy practicing,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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