The Power Of Living YOUR Dream!

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      7 Responses to “The Power Of Living YOUR Dream!”

      1. Ali says:

        thanks so much for the audios.these are so effective

      2. Chris Woollon says:

        Whilst I agree and wish for everything you say in The Lfe You Are Meant to Live, for me it is too late. I had dreams of becoming an author, I even have my novel “JET!” published on Amazon, but it is not selling. As a pensioner in the UK my income is very finite, and although I believe in, and would love to join this programme, I simply have no spare cash left to purchase it. But thankyou for letting me in on the programme’s content, it is I am convinced something everyone should take part in!
        Chris Woollon.

      3. Danny says:

        This is great stuff! I’m looking forward to the whole program. It looks like you’ve gotten to the core of inspired living and have the steps to walk it out. Nicely done!!

      4. rg says:

        What can you offer on creative songwriting and unlocking the creative music that’s within, &unlocking the flow state of mind???

      5. yasmina says:

        My only dream as a child was an impossible one. A dream that continued till I was 35 years old. A dream I never had the chance to tell anyone. An untain dream that dislocated my perception of life itself. My mother was dead. never got to see her face.
        Trust me I am not depressed or bitter. The whole story made out of me a great human being. Yet subconsciouly it dictated how I percieved my world. Maybe that is the reason why I never gotten what I ever wanted. Despite that I know myself very well.
        I am enjoying evrything I am reading around. This one went to myt heart.
        Love & Peace,

      6. Gunnar says:

        You have a lot of great ideas!
        I appreciate your emails. Thank you!

        Sometimes I take life for granted – even I know about the big change coming. Your ‘last day on this planet’ fits well in my stream of life. And now this one about my childhood dream: I re-remembered my dream. Actually I remembered it some weeks ago but with all the flood of information …
        You made me going deeper into it: I’ve been always a great adventurer towards the unknown within” There is soo much potential! In everybody’s mind! I’ll use your ‘Power of my dream’ wisely.

        I know that abundance is not money or what you can achieve in cooperation america, it is knowing what you what and going (living) for it!

        I am exited to get another exercise from you!

        Have great moments and the ability to extend them

      7. Ella says:

        Good day to you my friend! Thank you so much for the audio it is a real positive thing to do. It is best to do what you always wanted to do with your life cause thats what you were ment to do. It is nice to hear someone tell every one to do what they want to do with their life no matter how crazy or off the wall it may seem to be. If it makes you happy and content and your not hurting any one and can make money at it, go for it cause thats what im hearing from you two guys. It’s exackly what the world needs to hear. Be happy! Take control of your life. Take care and have a pleasant tomorrow. Thanks again Matt and Kevin!

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