The Positive Purpose of Passion

    Passion has a mixed reputation in human consciousness. On the one hand, it’s a powerful creative force. On the other hand, it feels like a threat to the “normal order” of our lives. We worship passion and shy from it. We long to feel passion, yet we fear that it will break down the lines of propriety.


    Many of us associate passion with sexuality, though it is much broader than that. For the ancient Greeks, it was “eros,” an intense desire for something. For Plato, this was sublimated into the quest for ideal beauty in the world of
    pure Form. Eros in that sense is loving what is beautiful.

    Passion also implies an intense commitment to someone or something. In this way, passion acquires purpose. Through passion we are steadfast in pursuit of an important intention, aim, or goal. That intention could be loving another,
    creating a work of art, building a business, or any other soul-inspired pursuit.

    When we are passionate, we “go the distance” and see things through to the end. Passion inspires action, focuses attention, and generates resolve. It becomes a guiding force in our life–a whisper or a trumpet from the Divine.

    I suggest that what I would call “authentic passion” comes from your Core. It is an expression of the One Life that we all share “channeling” through you. You are here exactly the way you are to express specific things for all of us. You have a gift to share that benefits everyone. Find your passion and you find this gift. You’ll know your authentic passion by its quality of service to others.

    Some passions are gifts just for a moment, others are longer-term pursuits. It may be offering a hand, or an ear, or a smile to your children, a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or a stranger on the street. It may be the gift of your presence wherever you are. It may be a creative project or something that you want to grow in your life or in the world. Grow this first in yourself, then share it with others, so that we all grow.

    As we come to the New Year, take some extra time to reflect on what you want to create in your life. Allow yourself to become still and quiet. Feel what is happening inside. Look around you with fresh eyes and notice what captures
    your attention. It could be a small “flirt” in the corner of your eye. It could be a subtle feeling of “wanting more.” It might not seem like much. Follow it and see where it leads.

    Your passion may speak first in a still, small voice before it grows to its full potential. Cultivate listening and feeling for the subtle tone of your passion underneath the surface. Then, give it daily attention so it can blossom.

    Let this New Year be the time when you live from the passion of your soul.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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