The Open Secret: What’s Truly Important?

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    We’re bombarded with Secrets, Keys, and Magic Formulas to get what we want in life. This is an inevitable aspect of the Information Age. Because of countless information receiving devices and the Internet , we have access to an unprecedented wealth of facts, knowledge, and wisdom along with an infinite supply of gossip, innuendo, and useless, or just plain false, information. Online, it comes to us from sources that range from highly credible to dubious, yet any of it can have the refined appearance of truth.

    When it comes to personal development and spiritual growth the story is no different. When everyone claims to have the secret, or the secret behind the secret, who do you believe? Within this overload of information how do you select what is right, true, and effective? How do you choose what is best for you?

    If you are seeking a life of greater health, happiness, love, and purpose, there are thousands of books, products, and programs that will guide you along the way. How do choose between them when they give you conflicting information?

    And what if you aren’t sure exactly what you want? What if you feel stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled, but you don’t know why. What if you’re not sure where to begin? You know you want a better life, but you’re tired of following the latest wave of promised results and sure-fire solutions.

    In this article, I give you an alternative approach. I’ll offer two insights that may help you to clear the clutter of information and hone in on what will work for you. The first one is this: you may be putting things in the wrong order. Second, you may have received misleading information about what you are here to do.

    Let’s begin with the first point. What do I mean by putting things in the wrong order?

    We live in a consumer society. From a young age, we are taught that what we need is “out there” and it is up to us to go out and get it. We are trained to get an education, to find the right relationship, and to get a career that pays well, so we can buy all the things we need for a good life. This is our dominant cultural model.

    We are trained from a young age to be consumers rather than creators. We are told that the things that we need and desire are outside ourselves. All we need, then, is purchasing power. With this “outer” focus, it’s easy to become mistakenly obsessed with money.

    Armed with enough money, some of the things we seek are quite simple and basic—like food, shelter, and clothing. These are obvious needs that we need to learn to acquire “out in the world.”

    We are also trained that we need insurance for peace of mind, doctors, drugs, and surgery to make us well, anti-depressants to make us happy, alcohol to relax and have fun, and perfume or the right deodorant to attract our soul mate. Even, when it comes to something that is so clearly and undeniably an inner skill such as meditation, we’re told that we can purchase technology, put on headphones, and have it done it for us.

    Yet somehow, no matter how much money we make, no matter how many things we have, no matter how much insurance we buy, no matter what we have—it’s never enough. In the end, none of these things make us feel happy, healthy, loved, or fulfilled. Ultimately, none of them deliver what they promise.

    The reason is because we have the order backwards. We are looking to things outside ourselves to give us inner experiences. Health, happiness, love, and fulfillment are inner experiences. If these are what we truly want, we must cultivate them directly and internally. When we do that, the outside will take care of itself. Outer circumstances and conditions are the result of inner qualities and experiences.

    Now, some programs have gotten on to this approach.

    It is now becoming common to hear that to change the outer results in our lives we need to change what is happening inside. “The Secret” is a great example of this. Yet, while there is much good merit in these new approaches, and they are the first important step, there are some elements in the “You create your life” approach that can leave us just as confused and overwhelmed as we were before.

    For one thing, it is often claimed that “you can be, do, and have anything that you want—that you are a being of infinite possibilities.” At a spiritual level, outside of space and time, this may be true. However, in this world, here and now, we are living in bodies with certain potentials for a certain period of time.

    You are here for a few very specific purposes.

    You are not here to do anything at all, or anything you want, or infinite possibilities, but to do some very specific things. I call these your Core Possibilities. Right here and now, in this moment, there is one thing that is right for you. This is your Core Possibility in this moment.

    The task then becomes discerning that possibility and fully actualizing it. When you accurately discern your one Core possibility right here and now, and take effective action to bring that to fruition, you will experience the health, happiness, love, and success that you are here to experience. You will experience the life you are meant to live.

    How do you know your Core Possibilities?

    It begins with the skill of Self-Observation. Self-Observation is the foundation for knowing “who you are” and “what you are here to do.” It is the key to cultivating yourself as a “conscious presence” that co-creates your life and your world. When you begin to experience yourself as this conscious creative presence, you will find that you have several capacities that you didn’t know you had. First and foremost, you have the capacity to know exactly what you are here to do right now—your Core Possibility.

    You will know this one possibility by what you are interested in, by what makes you happy, by what brings you health, by what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. Through Self-Observation, you will start to recognize the subtle inner nudges that guide you to realize your reason for being here. You can cultivate this inner guidance. You can learn to observe, listen, and feel deep inside.

    As you become aware of yourself as a conscious inner presence, you will also begin to experience that health, happiness, love, and purpose are your natural states of being. Furthermore, you can fully realize these states by consciously cultivating them. This too is an inner skill.

    Like a gardener who watches over the natural process of growth, you can cultivate these inner states. You are here to develop your inner skills of being healthy, happy, loving, and purposeful. These states are not the result of getting other things. Instead, the other things that you want in life are the result of these inner states.

    You cultivate the “inner” to realize the “outer.” Positive outer circumstances result from positive inner states. Discerning your Core Possibilities gives you the specific ways through which you express your positive inner states and realize the life you are meant to live.

      6 Responses to “The Open Secret: What’s Truly Important?”

      1. Maria Covington says:

        I must agree with this concept and in all honesty…Truth!
        Our world is changing and more and more individuals are waking up to the truth that we don’t need “stuff” to be happy. The downsizing movement is in full swing as people are focused on cleaning the air, getting rid of “stuff” and looking at information that will guide them into thier own true selves. I loved this and am aware that it has been around for centuries. Waking up is what Eckart Tolle is also teaching, he had to hit rock bottom to go inside of himself and see himself to recieve this information and then give it to the rest of us. Communication is so important! The signs are all around us if we’ll just take a moment to pay attention.
        Thank you.
        Maria Covington

      2. Rosa Muziotti says:

        Thanks Matt and Kevin for encouraging us to focus upon our Inner Guide because our success in life isn’t the things. It is the amount of love, peace, joy we feel inside.

      3. Roy Millett says:

        Hi Kevin

        It occured to me shortly after leaving my comment the other day that I would like to change one small word that has large ramifications. I had said that if you ask for clarity, courage and guidance what is most suitable to your needs “will” manifest. I think it more appropriate to say “is” manifesting in your life. Once you develop the magic mirror all that you think, feel and experience will reveal to you not only who or what you are but also what you most need to take the next step.

        Excellent article Kevin. Some good common sense honesty.

      4. Robert says:

        I guess this pretty much sums up why I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (I’m 54 now)…

        Nearly anything I pursue, I do exceptionally well at – from higher level mathematics to creating useful “stuff” from wood (including building or remodelling homes).

        So, how do I narrow it down to something I could earn a (lucrative) living online? Yes, I even have a 2 year degree in Computer Systems Technology…

        But, I like to garden as well – I enjoy walking among the creatures of the woods and awe that they are not all that afraid of my prescence…

        I have not been able to listen to your “med” recordings as my trusty headphones have chosen not to function any longer. My other pair will “pop-up” when I’m surely not looking for them.

        Please pray that the time is right for “my special calling” to be revealed (very) soon.

        The only Truth is in the Present…



      5. charmaine says:

        HI Kevin.I have done much seeking and up till now no-one could tell me what I do wrong. Nothing happens with me, I dont feel any shifts, or visualizations. What must I look for to know. Do you have any steps that I can follow to achieve anything. PLEASE I AM DESPERATE; What about cosmic ordering, wont that help. My finansials is pathetic and nothing I believe in ever happens. What do I do wrong? Help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. CHARMAINE

      6. yasmin says:

        It seems to be that things are not coming from inside your heart, you must believe , bieliving is my answer

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