The Myth of “MORE”

    There’s a dramatic and sometimes subtle drive in our dominant culture for “MORE.” By dramatic I mean that it’s shouted from the rooftops and held up as the ideal to shoot for—more money, more success, more stuff, more power, more control, more square footage, more sales, more Facebook friends,. . . You know the mantra.

    What is not so often noticed are the subtle ways that “more” creeps into personal development and spiritual growth. We’re told to become more, to be better, to live for some ideal vision that we’ve created in our minds. We’re told to be the masters of our destiny, the creators of our life, and 100% responsible and in control of what happens. Yet, isn’t this just the same “more” judging “what is?”

    Is “more” a continuous judgment that is placed on the self and on life that keeps us forever striving for a never to be met illusion of “arriving” at some better place?

    What if more isn’t better? What if life is perfect as it is? Yes, even the “bad” stuff. What often comes out of the “bad” stuff? What often happens when “disaster” hits? Isn’t it often the case that we take a break from the rat race of “more” and open up to something else?

    What if life is for growing an awareness of connection? What if what we are learning is to let go and trust? What if what we’re learning is acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation? What if what we’re learning is to respond with love and compassion no matter what? If that’s the case, “more” may have little to do with it.

    “What is” may be perfect. When you appreciate that does it open up a different quality in your experience?


    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Spiritual Growth Monthly is an online community dedicated to supporting each other to live in appreciation, gratitude, love, and trust.

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      1. L.kalaivanan says:

        Dear Kevin,

        Every day the first thing I read is your posting. They are life transforming ones. I want to join the Spritual Growth Community. Soon I will join. Lot of my thanks for your postings. Please keep contiuing your service.

      2. Hi L.,
        Thank you for sharing your appreciation.

        You’ve inspired me in writing today!

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