The Magic of Low Expectations and Easy Warm-up

    On those days when I just don’t feel like exercising or writing or really anything I need to do, I’ve found a magic formula for getting me going: low expectations and an easy warm-up.

    I start with low expectations by telling myself, if I just do a little, that’s good for today. I usually define “a little” as half or less of what I might normally do. For example with exercise, 10 minutes of cardio instead of 20 and one set of 5 strength exercises instead of two sets of ten exercises. With writing, I might tell myself I’ll just write a paragraph or two. Because I usually do more, I know this lesser amount will be easy.

    With my low expectations in place, I start with an even easier warm-up, something that feels like nothing at all. For exercise, I just start moving with a cardio exercise to limber up. It could be a walk or spinning on a stationary bike with little resistance. If I’m writing, I start with one sentence of any quality. I just get something written down.

    Once I’ve gotten myself moving in that small, easy way, I often find that the juices start to flow. With exercise, I begin to breath a little deeper, feel a little looser, and my energy increases. With writing, ideas come to mind, associations click in, and I often find myself in the flow. Invariably I exceed my low expectations.

    If I do a little exercise and a little writing everyday it’s easier to stay in that flow. And, if I’m not feeling it, I go back to my low expectations and easy warmup to get me going. If getting started is the hard part, then try making getting started as easy as possible.

    I’d love to hear what works best for you,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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