The Final Step to Creating Positive Change In Your Brain

    Today we wrap up our mini-series on creating positive life changes through the 4 Steps of the F.E.E.D. process as described by John Arden in his book “Rewire Your Brain.”

    From the previous posts this week, you’ve learned to clearly identify what you want to grow in your life and apply strong Focus to it by paying attention and being fully present in what you are doing. You’ve learned that it takes repeated sustained Effort in your chosen activity until the point that it’s become Effortless.

    At that point, you may think you’ve done it all. However, Arden says that there’s one more important step to make your positive action, state of mind, or habit permanent—Determination.

    By determination Arden means that once your new action or habit becomes effortless you need to be determined to keep it going. “Use it or lose it” applies here. Once you’ve grooved your new habit, it does become easy to continue, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you can relax your intention. Instead, shift into a long-term approach. Think of your activity as part of a healthy, positive, purposeful lifestyle.

    As an example from my own life, in learning Qigong Meditation, I was told that you are a beginner for the first 20 years of your practice. Now there’s a long-term mind-set. The idea is that for the first 20 years you need to have the mind-set of a learner. Rather than just going through the motions, always look for ways to keep your practice alive, fresh, and expanding. Keep learning and developing the finer nuances of what you’re doing.

    Once you’ve ingrained a life-long learning mindset through determination this will carry over into everything you do. Your life will be a continuous expanding spiral of greater consciousness, health, joy, and purpose.

    Enjoy your practice!

    Kevin Schoeninger

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