The Cure for Negative Feelings


    Stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, and sadness have been defined as “negative emotions.” These are often pinpointed as the culprits when our lives are less than happy, fulfilling, and successful. We’re often told that if we could just get past them, we’d experience the peace, joy, health, and abundance that is our natural state.

    These “negative emotions” seem to stand in our way. They seem to prevent us from getting everything done, from enjoying the comforts and pleasures of life, and from arriving where we want to go. If we could just find the cure for our negative feelings. . .

    What if, on the other hand, our emotions were messages from our soul? What if every emotion arises with a specific purpose? What if every emotion contains important information and energy to carry out an important inward action? What if we knew how to read that information and use that energy?

    Karla McLaren explores those possibilities in her phenomenal new book “The Language of Emotions” (Sounds True, 2010).

    In our upcoming posts, we’ll journey into our Emotional Intelligence. We’ll discover the brilliant messages in our emotions and the powerful energy they provide to inspire, guide, and fuel our lives.

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    Kevin Schoeninger

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