The Cause Of ALL Dis-Ease? (Here’s The Answer…)

    In a recent Stanford University study, they found
    that more than 95% of ALL disease is caused by …

    Guess what?

    That’s right …


    It sounds too obvious, but most people just don’t
    “get” it. And that’s why we’re a nation (and planet)
    of “morbidly obesse”, chronically sick, and desperately
    unhappy people.

    Of course, if you’ve been a Mind-Body Practitioner
    for any length of time, you’re probably not on death’s
    door anymore (I hope not!). I’m sure you already know
    this and you’re already on the path… But don’t be fooled…

    The effects of stress are subtle and sneak up on you.

    When chronic stress happens to you day in and day out,
    your body begins to break down, and you are no longer
    able to repair yourself.

    STOP! There is an answer…

    In fact, the answer is so remarkable here’s what
    Dr. Ben Johnson (the only medical doctor featured
    in “The Secret”) had to say:

    “[This technique] changes stress in a matter of
    minutes-in a scientifically provable and reproducible
    way – thus eliminating the cause of illness and
    disease in the body. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING
    LIKE THIS BEFORE” ~Dr. Ben Johnson

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    this “blueprint for healing.”

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    Matt Clarkson
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    ~Mark Victor Hansen, co-author
    “Chicken Soup For The Soul”

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