The Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Of Champions

    I know you’re looking for MASSIVE improvements in
    your health, wealth, happiness, and state of being.

    The technique I want to show you today is called
    Creative Visualization — but it’s quite different to
    the way many people teach it.

    When you do it this way, you find yourself connecting
    to a sea of inner peace — a peace that is not disturbed
    even as the world outside seems to be crumbling.

    And you are able to harness the Law of Attraction
    more effectively to attract all the people and
    resources you need to make things happen in your
    life … magically and powerfully!

    This breakthrough technique combines both timeless
    wisdom with sound scientific research … And it is
    especially useful in today’s fast-paced, “we-must-get
    twice-as-much-done-in-half-the-time” culture! 🙂


    The Creative Visualization methods and other powerful
    principles are part of a home study course introduced by
    my friend Laura Silva from Laredo, Texas.

    Maybe the name gives you a clue?

    Yes, she’s the daughter of the famous Jose Silva, who
    founded the Silva Movement — a million person-strong
    movement that a few decades ago changed the face of
    spirituality and personal development as we knew it.

    Actually, a lot of the teachings and techniques for
    mastering the mind originated from the findings of Silva.

    “The Silva Method is one of the most profound approaches
    to human potential development that I have ever discovered…”

    That’s what personal development icon and Chicken Soup For
    The Soul creator Jack Canfield says about the Silva Method.

    See for yourself here:

    I’ll be the first to admit that the Silva Method has been
    lying dormant for quite some time, but ever since Laura
    took the reins — the Silva Movement is back in full force,
    better than ever with the breakthrough Silva Life System.

    With over $2 million worth of BRAND NEW scientific research,
    Silva Life System courses and seminars are on the cutting
    edge of the untapped potential of the human mind. Laura is
    FULLY convinced that she has cracked the code to unleashing
    the power of thoughts, and I believe that’s true.

    This morning, I got off the phone with Laura and we decided
    that it’s time to reintroduce people to the wonders of Silva.

    For a limited time only, Laura is opening her doors to you —
    to find out more about how Silva can empower and transform
    you. The Silva Life System is a step-by-step guide to using
    the exact same techniques I did (and millions of others!)
    to banish modern-day mental disease and to live the powerful life.

    It’s the perfect complement to the materials I’ve been
    giving you all this time, so visit the site to find out
    more. You’ll also get FREEaccess to a training course
    that shows you some of the amazing things you can do with
    the Silva method.

    It’s all waiting for you here:

    To Your Health & Happiness!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. Here’s a testimonial from one of the *1,234,587*
    satisfied users of Silva.

    Frank Bettger (name changed for privacy purposes) says:

    “This is amazing… that your other user’s story is my
    story almost to the letter.. In 1999. I was diagnosed
    with lung cancer. The doctors told me and showed me the
    four tumors on my lung… They told me I had 8 months to
    1 year to live. That’s why when I first heard of the Jose
    Silva method… to use meditation to heal ones self. I
    used that method for 6 months… and like your many
    success stories, after 3 months the doctors didn’t
    understand how the tumors were SHRINKING. After 6 months.
    the tumors were completely gone!”

    Now imagine what the Silva Life System can do for you
    today. Check it out here:

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