That Deeper Connection

    Late last Thursday night my wife and I had the privilege of attending a rap concert by the positive-energy group called OCD. That’s a stretch from my usual routine in many ways. As my sister said, “It’s out of your comfort zone.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved it. In fact, I discovered something significant and important going on there.

    So, what took this fifty year-old to a rap concert with hundreds of 16-20 year-olds? The answer is simple: family. My niece’s boyfriend is one of the two lead rappers in this group. He’s 19 and on the road for six weeks, performing every night in a different city and driving for countless hours in between. Since we live in a city half-way across the country from their home town and right in the middle of their tour-stops, a little family support was called for.

    Now, if you asked me what I thought of rap music before this show, I’d probably say, “I don’t really get it.” I have an image of it and that image doesn’t fit with my image of myself. However, one of the great things about family is that you get the privilege of throwing your ideas out the window when someone you love is involved in something they truly love. No matter how different it is for you, you engage with it because you want to support them. For my wife and I, nothing is more important than supporting the kids.

    So we went to the show, way past our bed-time on a work night, in a sketchy part of town—and I discovered something about this younger generation, and myself, that I’ll never forget. They want to feel connected, not just in virtual reality or on Facebook—but live and in-person. I felt it as the music began to thump and the boys leaped on stage and invited everyone into the world of “Team OCD.”

    The concert was a community event. Everyone moving together, singing together, wanting to touch the performer’s hands—to feel alive and part of what was happening. The group’s positive energy was awesome and my wife and I both were thoroughly engaged and inspired.

    Isn’t this what we all want? To feel alive, connected, and moved. To feel a part of something more than our own little worlds. To feel the truth that we are, each and every one of us, part of One Life that we all share.

    How often do we let our self-image, our personal stories about what is good and right, and what we personally like and dislike get in the way of that bigger picture? What would our lives be like if we didn’t allow our personal judgments to get in the way of our deeper connection?

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    Kevin Schoeninger

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