Ten Life Secrets I Learned in T’ai Chi & Qigong #9

    9. The key to health and well-being is the smooth flow of life energy.

    Ancient sage

    In ancient China, sages and medical doctors studied reality as fields of energy. They discovered a Universal Life-Force known as “qi” (“chee”). When qi is integrated, aligned, and flowing smoothly, a person lives according to “The Way of Life” and experiences greater health, happiness, and well-being.

    The ancient sages also learned that when energy flow is stagnant, divided, or in any way impeded, a person experiences illness, unhappiness, and misfortune. When you fall out of alignment with the Universal Life-Force, you experience greater suffering.

    So, when symptoms, tension, or discomfort arise in your body, instead of first thinking what doctors, drugs, or surgery you need, ask:

    1. What can I learn about myself?
    2. What is impeding smooth energy flow?
    3. How can I return to flowing with my life?

    Not that medical intervention isn’t sometimes needed. If it is, these questions will lead you to that as well. Sometimes symptoms do progress to the point of medical emergency, especially if you haven’t been able to listen to or heed the
    inner voice of your symptoms earlier. And sometimes there are larger forces and destinies at work. You’ll discern these, too, by paying attention inside.

    When you become sensitive to pick up on the subtle information in your discomforts, symptoms, and tensions and allow them to lead you toward self-awareness you journey on a path of inner discovery. You also take responsibility for the part you play in the process through your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

    On this path, suffering can be a great ally. When you become conscious in your discomfort, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, you are closer to healing than when you dissociate or cease to feel. Suffering signals you to dive deeper to discover the source of imbalance. It alerts you to disruption in your energy flow, so you can address it at the root cause.

    You can awaken your sensitivity to life-energy and facilitate smooth energy flow by tuning into your body and feeling your “qi.” Your “qi” is a conscious presence that underlies all your experiences. Attunement to the Life-Force inside you will guide your way.

    Your life is meant to be a fantastic voyage of increasing consciousness, passion, and purpose. You are here to express your part in the One Life that we all share. When you do that, you flow with “The Way of Life.”

    Enjoy your practice!


    Kevin Schoeninger

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