Tapping World Summit 2010: I HOPE You Got This?

    Last week I emailed you about the Tapping World Summit —
    — a free online event that shows you how to clear what’s
    holding you back and create what you desire using EFT and
    Meridian Tapping:


    Well, thousands of you signed up and I’m getting some great
    feedback about your breakthroughs and experiences!  In
    case you haven’t registered yet, I wanted to make sure
    get on board before it ends.  Here’s just a small sample
    of the feedback so far:

    “Just when I thought after day one things could not get
    any better, it got better. I’d just like to thank you for
    putting together this summit.

    So far the awesome group of professionals who have spoken
    and their knowledge and generosity has left me in tears,
    and brought up the thoughts and feelings of a distraught
    4 yr old, and enabled me as a 52yr old to finally find a
    way to put that grief to rest.
    It has been wonderful thus far and I have spoken to
    friends and colleagues in absolute faith as to the
    incredible outcomes of this summit.

    So thank-you once again to the both of you.”

    Warmest regards,


     “I love that the speakers get right in there and do
    tapping, but also explain all the necessary information
    to someone who is new like me.

    There is a lot of hands-on and the BONUS is – there is a
    lot of take home information.”

    – Lori Beth, MS

    And that’s a very SMALL sample! 

    You can use tapping to work on physical problems, limiting
    beliefs, negative emotions — you name it. 

    What’s my advice?  Pick one goal or problem that’s important
    to you right now in your life.  And with that in mind, just
    follow along and see what you get from this free event. 

    Get registered here:



    All the best!

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. As if that weren’t enough valuable information (!),
    did you hear about the incredible teleseminar with Loral
    Langemeier and Natalie Ledwell?  Check it out here (no
    registration required):



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