Take This Quiz – How To Raise Your Vibration

    I think you’re going to love this …

    Kevin and I have created this free 10-question quiz. It reveals how
    well you’re caring for your energetic vibration. Take the quiz here:


    We all know that physical health is vital for a high vibration that
    attracts what you truly desire. This quiz will tell you exactly which
    areas of your mind-body training are on track… and how to easily
    improve in the other areas.


    Matt Clarkson & Kevin Schoeninger
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    P.S. We put a lot of effort into creating this for you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy
    and get a lot out of it. The 4-page analysis you get is full of our best
    recommendations, tips and advice for taking your energetic vibration
    to the next level. Get your ‘Holistic Fitness’ analysis here:




      21 Responses to “Take This Quiz – How To Raise Your Vibration”

      1. Matt says:

        Just checking to see our spam protection is working on our blog.


      2. peggy says:

        I dont exercise like i use to, i have a muscle disease that keeps me from doing more than i want to do. and as i am getting older, it cuts it way back. but am doing good and improving. thanks for your site!

      3. Hi Peggy,
        I am glad you’re enjoying the site and that you’re doing what you can to improve your health and well-being within your specific life situation.
        Keep up the good work,

      4. sb says:

        Hi Matt

        I exercise by walking 3-6 miles daily three to six times a week. I love the core energy technique you sent me. Exercise raises my vibration and music while I am exercising is my main modality. When I get home I meditate
        and do visualizations. I end my night by quieting my mind
        and meditating quietly. I also listen to the Bible on my ipod.

      5. Ernst says:

        I downloaded, but there was no sound

      6. Anne Wisema says:

        I didn’t like it…I am a totally quiet meditator without thoughts coming up and you kept saying take your thoughts and put them into one word…to me this seemed useless…Anne

      7. It makes total sense to me that all of the areas of the human body are included in this program.
        If one is to reach maximum fitness level then it just stands to reason that ones situation would improve. I find that when I meditate, I feel able to “surf” lifes ups and downs much more effectively and without anxiety.
        I appreciate the amount of effort involved in creating such a program.
        Thank you Kevin & Matt for assisting humanity and giving so much! Namaste’.

      8. Marlene says:

        I have been in the middle of a MAJOR life transition, and have been neglecting the balancing of my body, mind, and spirit. Fortunately I practice mindfulness….living in the now, however, I’ve been neglecting my body with all the “excuses” that are available. This meditation has thrown me “back to center”. The technique of bringing the inside awareness to full consciousness is skillfully done. You remind me of the reality that our vibrational frequency generates from the “inside/out”.


      9. Travis says:

        I love the basic premise of the mind body & spirit unity. I am a vibe person. On the questionaire i didn’t have the option to select nothing if i really hadn’t done anything in some areas yet. I suggest factoring in that aspect whereas some of us may not have done much of anything yet, and will need that starting point to be considered in the overall analysis. I look forward to what your program has to offer to increase my offering of greater positive energy to universe.

      10. Francisca says:

        Hi Matt and Kevin I’ve just listen your meditation and feel it very good. I practice meditation for 30 years and teach meditation/vizualisation/relaxation. Coach people to balance their mind, body, spirit through art, I’m a sound healer(tibetan bawls) and practice yoga and 5Tibetan rites every day so, I know what I’m saying your meditation is very good! Of course many people prefer silent meditation which is no better or worst that depends on whwt you realy need – go deeper into your spirit or work and aknowledge your body at the same time ( hope this answers Anne Wisema). Thank you and keep the good work. All the best

      11. Patricia del Valle says:

        Hi Matt and Kevin,

        I’m probably older than most of your participants, so I’d like to comment.
        This holistic technique you are offering is sooo overdue and you present it beautifully … and completely.
        I was fortunate to have started many many years ago before these modalities became popular… to use together as part of one’s lifestyle.
        With recent life changes, not physical but emotional and mental stress from relocation, family tragedy … I have struggled keeping up what I know is best to stay healthy … as you explain so well.
        That may be why my “quiz” answers seem a little incongruous. I look forward to the bit of encouragement and support you provide, which I can really use right now … this holistic training is more important than ever as I get older.
        Thank you so much,
        PS I know the word “exercise” is not a popular word … but if your listeners will just try it for even three weeks … they’ll find the wonderful changes incredible … and will incorporate them into their lifestyle.
        PPS If I slip, as I’m doing now sometimes, I don’t beat myself up about it, but just pick up at a reasonable spot and keep going.

      12. Tim says:

        Hey high vibrating souls! Thanks so much for you efforts! You are doing great work and play. Raising frequency on our beautiful planet! Your work has helped me stay on track remaining grounded and connected for my clients and fellow sentient beings.
        The word exercise may bring up resistance you mentioned. Practice(replacement word and energy) is a great word because of the consistent nature of it. We are practicing all the time no matter what we are doing. It is just about being specific and the quality of our intention. The intention of Love. The most powerful intent and frequency in the Universe.
        You have it pegged and much gratitude for forwarding high frequency intention for myself and all in connectedness with Source!
        Many blessings and have a fantastic day!
        Love, Light, Peace, and Happiness,

      13. Kathlean says:

        Hi Matt,

        As an insulin using diabetic, I am finding your Holistic Fitness downloads I have so far are helping me to improve my diabetic control. I covers everything I need, so keep up the good work. Kathlean

      14. KIRA says:

        Love the guided meditation!!! I am a mother of a 4 and 5 year old. I desperately need guided meditation to stayed focused. I have been completely out of whack with my mediation sessions lately. Thank you! I can’t wait for more!!!

      15. Karen says:

        I have a problem exercising consistently since I have chronic myofascial pain in my neck and shoulders. I do see an A.R.T. therapist and a massage therapist a few times a month to help with this problem. I have recently been investigating other areas to help with my problems and have discovered that yoga and meditation are wonderful. I have also recently gone back to working out about 5 times a week. This program seems wonderful and I really enjoy hearing about new approaches to living a long and abundant life. Thank you for all of your hard work!!

      16. Drew says:

        i meditate mornings and evenings..i feel very tuned with nature but felt i need up my game and do something more in regards to psychical aspect of my being…your program has a very good senergy covering all the relevant areas one would need.
        After taking your quiz,the next day i happened to met a yoga instructor….yoga being one of the areas i need to do work it,life presents us with gifts,you just have to see them
        Metta to all beings

      17. Jan says:

        Very well done. I believe you are doing an excellent job in bringing the here and now into play. A bit more time may be spent on visualization and explaining that thinking a thought is visualization. Some may worry they are not seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, feeling, knowing, expanding etc. I felt refreshed and alive and appreciate your generous gifts of love and knowledge. Love and Gratitude, Jan.

      18. I must be on everyone’s email list. I could spend the whole day listening to advice on how to IMPROVE MY LIFE. But you got my extra attention with your quiz.I fell for it and didn’t like the results. I hate when someone tells me to CHANGE things. But after awhile it sunk in and you were right. My life is almost in balance. Thanks for helping me find the missing link. What I liked is how simple it is.I just retired and moved from Phoenix to Cancun Mexico.Volunteering and your suggestions will surely add happy years to my life. Don’t change anything. JIM

      19. Elaine says:

        Hey guys.. I enjoyed the meditation. Although I’ve practiced sporadically for 40 yrs, sitting meditation is difficult for me and I was surprised that I was able to “sit” for the entire 10 minutes! So, two thumbs up! I find myself thinking that has been a pleasure to interact with young folks like you who are making things happen out here on the internet! Namaste`

      20. Alicia says:

        I am looking forward to utilizing your holistic products and techniques in order to raise my level of vibration!

      21. Fran says:

        I love the way the universe provides! I have been feeling sluggish, morose and generally out of sorts. My mind knows that what I need is exercise but it also remembers all the reasons I have absorbed as to why I should put it off till tomorrow. The promise of this program comes at a time when my body is receptive and sends stronger messages than the mind. So please don’t delay, help me to strike will the need is urgent!

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