Take a Vacation from Financial Stress

    This week we’ve been talking about transcending limiting beliefs and fears about money. We’ve explored where our beliefs come from, choosing healthy beliefs about money, and understanding the financial action steps hidden within our fears.

    Today I want to talk about an unexpected way to break out of a financial rut—taking a vacation.

    You might wonder how a vacation can relate to financial freedom. Vacations can be expensive. You might think you can’t afford one. How will the work get done without you? You might already feel like you’re behind. Things might fall apart if you’re not there.

    I just returned from a week’s vacation and it was the best thing for my business. Here’s a couple reasons why:

    1. Taking a break gives you perspective. When you take time away from your normal environment, tasks, and routines, you gain a little distance that gives you a bigger view. You may see things in a new light, especially if you do fun new things, meet new people, see new places, and connect with those close to you.

    When you step out of your usual world, you see what’s important to people outside your little world and how they do things differently than you and your crowd. You might get insight for new products or services in your business or be inspired to do what you do in a different way.

    2. You lower stress levels. When you’re caught up in your daily schedule and “To Do” list you may not realize how stressed you are. You may be more drained or stagnant than you realize. On vacation, you’ll likely do less, rest more, and engage in things just for the fun of it—you’ll relax. As your stress meter drops, you may re-discover a natural enthusiasm for what you really want to do in business and life.

    Every time I get back from vacation I realize that my reasons for not going were unfounded. Everything is still ready and waiting for me. Nothing has fallen apart. And I am rested and ready to take it all on with renewed gusto.

    Vacations don’t have to be long or expensive—you just need to get away from your normal environment and schedule. Like any form of self-care, vacations can give you the energy and inspiration to take care of your responsibilities and challenges better.



    Kevin Schoeninger

    P.S. Click here to take a simple stress test to see if stress is getting the best of you.

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