Step #3 to Turning the Economy Around

    This week we’re exploring the kind of mindset that can turn our global economy around. Yes, government and financial institution policies have an impact on what is happening. However, what will turn the economy around for each of us as individuals and for all of us collectively is changing our consciousness about it by shifting our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

    The first step we discussed is shifting from seeing ourselves as “victims” of economic conditions to being “creators” of what is happening. The first step is about individual empowerment.

    The second step is shifting from seeing ourselves as individuals struggling to survive to seeing ourselves as integral parts of a global economic system. We live in a global society and a global economy. The second step is about our collective nature.

    The Darwinian view of evolution is really quite primitive and outdated at best and just plain inaccurate at worst. What if evolution dictated that, instead of survival of the fittest individuals, those individuals who cooperated the best and made the best use of resources were those who thrived? Isn’t this actually more accurate? Isn’t that what makes for long-term and widespread success—individuals doing their best and working well together?

    This leads to the third shift in consciousness. Step #3 is shifting from seeing “scarcity” to seeing “abundance.”

    When we shift from seeing life as a battle in conditions of scarcity to seeing life as a cooperative endeavor in which everyone contributes and receives what they need in return, we find that there is plenty for all.

    This isn’t some kind of “soft” thinking. Don’t the teams, companies, and organizations in which individuals excel and work together to use what they have efficiently get the best results in the long run? Isn’t that the way that individuals and groups thrive? Why wouldn’t the same rules apply to our global civilization?

    What if, instead of viewing life as a fierce competition for scarce resources, we viewed life as a cooperative effort to use our resources wisely? What difference would that make? One main difference is that we’d find there was enough for everyone.

    Yes, we’d have to give up our anxiety about not having enough. Yes, we’d have to overcome our fears of each other. Yes, we’d have to give up our old Darwinian stories. But if we make the three shifts in consciousness that we’ve described this week, those stories will naturally fall away.

    We’ll realize that how we look at life determines the kind of world we live in. When we really “get” the power of consciousness, we’ll learn to choose from wisdom instead of fear.

    When we make the shift from being victims to creators, from greedily accumulating and guarding our own stash to seeing ourselves as part of one global economy, and from seeing scarcity to seeing abundance, the economic world we live in will be transformed in a profound way. There will be plenty of opportunities and resources for all. That is evolutionary.

    Are we up to the task? If not now—when?


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      1. Hi,
        I absolutely agree with this : Scarcity Attracts Scarcity And Abundance will Attract Abundance.

        1. Hi Kamrul,
          Thank you for adding your insight to this discussion.


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