Step #2 to Turning the Economy Around

    In this week’s posts, we’re exploring three shifts in consciousness that can turn our economy around. If it’s indeed true that consciousness shapes reality, then shifting our mindset is the key to shifting the conditions we live in.

    In Monday’s post, we explored an important first step—shifting from being a “victim” of the economy to a “conscious creator” of it. When we make this shift, we focus on how our gifts, skills, and resources meet the needs of those around us and we take action to fill those needs in ways that are authentic for us.

    While Step 1 is the foundation of a healthy economy, Step 2 is just as important—shifting from seeing ourselves as individuals struggling to survive to seeing ourselves as integral parts of a global economic system. We are part of a global economy.

    With instant global communication and rapid transit to all parts of our planet, we’ve moved into a global society and a global economy. The old rules of individualism and nationalism no longer apply. This is a new world. Selfish interest won’t cut it. Protectionism and isolationism are ideas of the past.

    Though we have always been “one planet” environmentally, we are now becoming one world economically and politically. We are going to have to learn to cooperate across all human-made boundaries. That doesn’t mean that we lose our individuality, but that we see what is authentic for us within the context of the greater whole.

    As we embrace this new world, opportunities abound. Yes, this transitional period is stressful. We have to give up some limiting individualistic and nationalistic habits that we are attached to. It’s a challenge to give up these ideas that gave us a false sense of security. However, as we embrace the idea of a global civilization, the opportunities to trade our knowledge, skills, and resources will enable us all to thrive.

    It begins by shifting our mindset and viewing ourselves as part of a global community. The faster we are able to do this the faster we will be able to join forces to insure that we all have what we need.

    In Friday’s post, we’ll explore a third shift that gives us assurance that this will all work out for the best.


    Kevin Schoeninger

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