Step 2 to Creating Positive Change In Your Brain

    Yesterday, we explored the first step to creating new possibilities in your life: Focus—strong focus on what you are doing in the present moment. Today, we’ll explore the second step from “Rewire Your Brain” by John B. Arden: Effort.

    To create a new possibility in your life you need to not only strongly focus on what you are doing, you need sustained effort in that activity.

    This may be the biggest stumbling block in our limited-attention-span society. We are trained in short attention span. Whether it’s texts, Tweets, 8-second sound and video bites, or the pressure to mult-task and get things done yesterday, we are trained to shift focus at light speed between many different points of interest. Because of that we may lack sustained attention.

    Yet, if you want to make a life change or grow something new, you need sustained focus. Sustained focus is what burns lasting neural connections. Repeated effort with sustained focus is what creates powerful neural networks in your body and brain.

    So if you’re starting a new exercise routine, or learning a new language, or creating your art, or building a new business to pull yourself out of a current slump—stick with it. If you hit a speed-bump and you feel as if it’s hopeless, or it’s not working, or you’re not capable, know that your endeavor takes sustained effort. If you stick with it long enough you’ll breakthrough to Step 3, which will come as joy and relief.

    Step 3 is ahead tomorrow.

    Talk to you then,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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