Step 1 To FEEDing Your Brain For Positive Change

    In his book “Rewire Your Brain,” John B. Arden, PhD, describes four steps to creating positive change in your life. He’s given the acronym F.E.E.D. to these four steps. Today we’ll explore the “F” in F.E.E.D., which is “Focus.”

    To initiate positive change, learn a new skill, develop a positive habit, or even break out of an old rut, you first need to direct strong attention to what you are doing. Think of attention as energy. If you feed a behavior with strong attention, it will grow. Whatever you focus on increases. This applies to positive experiences as well as negative ones.

    Strongly focusing your attention activates the Pre-Frontal Cortex, the frontal lobes of your brain, which are like your “Mission Control Center.” The PFC coordinates the functioning of the rest of your brain, so that everything works together. Your PFC brings the various capacities of your brain together on the task at hand and creates a neural network from the various brain regions, pathways, and neural connections that are involved.

    Strongly focusing your attention is qualitatively different from “just going through the motions” or doing one thing while you’re thinking about another. It is being engaged in what you are doing right now. Paying attention in this way requires that you are interested and giving undivided energy to it. When you are present in what you are doing, you initiate the neural encoding of whatever you’re focused on—be it new information, skills, or behavior, or conversely, negative thinking, feeling, and bad habits. Remember, whatever you focus on increases.

    So, strongly focusing your attention on what you truly desire is step one. Through it you open the neural pathways to having new and better experiences. And not only that. If you strongly pay attention to routine behaviors and skills, you bring more of your brain into play so that you add consciousness, breadth, and depth to your experience. Your life becomes richer by being present and paying attention to where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. Conscious presence within your experience also creates the possibility of making choices about where and how you focus your attention.

    In tomorrow’s post, we’ll talk about how to build on the richer, more conscious, experience that you’ve initiated in step.

    Talk to you soon,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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