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    I hope you enjoyed the fun meditation exercise for your soul I sent you the other day. I know a lot of people found the 7 questions for accessing divine inspiration very helpful, too.

    Anyway, I see you won’t be joining us for my free 7-day event, “Wealth Creation In the Zone” which starts today, which is too bad. I wondered if maybe you’ve had so many dumb marketing emails of late that you’ve gone a little crazy? Or maybe you’ve just been busy? LOL 🙂

    So here’s the thing, “Wealth Creation In the Zone” isn’t necessarily about creating financial wealth (although it can be if you choose).

    It’s about focusing on and developing your unique talents and intentions — the gifts, hobbies, dreams or desires that are most important to you. It could be practicing your art, growing a business, being there for your children, teaching a class, playing an instrument, or meditating….

    “The zone” — a term borrowed from elite athletes — is a heightened state of profound focus, enjoyment, and perfectly effective performance.

    ** This is the state of consciousness artists access when they create and perform their best work. (Have you ever heard a live singing performance that literally shook the earth it was so beautiful?)

    ** This is how the most successful entrepreneurs access states of maximal effectiveness and go on to create spectacular results.

    ** This is what good parents do when they show up for their children and provide precisely the perfect balance between being stern and loving.

    All of these are examples of tapping into a level of consciousness where profound joy and miracles happen.

    Would you like to discover the secrets of slipping into the zone at will? And joyfully engaging with whatever activities are truly important to you and your full potential?

    Then join me for the free training I’m doing that starts today, titled: “Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!”

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    This training is for people who are ready to really step up their game, take inspired action, and to create true wealth in every area of their lives.

    So the question is, are you ready to stop dreaming and start LIVING the life of your dreams?

    Then join me at the link above. We just started today so if you join us now, you won’t miss out on this rare opportunity for a beautiful transformation.

    For your highest potential!

    – Matt Clarkson

    P.S. Once you register, on the event welcome page, you’ll see a new video I just for you from my Secret HQ here in Indo-China 🙂

    P.P.S. I hope you will join me for the free training I’m doing (begins today) to help you access “the zone” – this profound state of consciousness to develop your gifts and create anything you choose in your life. It begins Monday, January 19 and you’ll learn how to enjoy taking inspired action on whatever is important to you, to create profound and abundant wealth in every area of your life. Here’s the link:

    Hope to see you there – and please tell your friends to join us!

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