STARTS TODAY: A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days!

    Final reminder — our free online event "A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days" starts TODAY, and you’re about to miss it.

    One of the greatest challenges with any spiritual practice is finding the inspiration to do it every day. (That’s when you really start to see the big benefits.)

    Meditation can feel like hard work. But rather than "acquiesce" and give up, my new program is designed to help you practice a powerful NEW energizing meditation routine every day, until it becomes automatic and effortless.

    Every day, for the next 21 days, you’re going to get a new 15-minute guided meditation audio lesson. After 21 days, your new energizing meditation ritual has become engrained, effortless and automatic. And from there, things can only get better and better!!! Register HERE if you haven’t already, and enjoy the meditation for Day 1:


    – Matt

    P.S. Each day’s session is available for 48 hours. If you want full and permanent access to all the audios, plus some pretty amazing bonuses I’ve assembled for you, then check out the upgrade page here:

    IMPORTANT: You’ll get the greatest possible savings when you upgrade before 11.59pm EST on Tuesday 13 May when price goes up 50%.

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      1. Gloria says:

        I registered for the 21-Day meditation event but can’t access today’s meditation. I keep getting directed back to the registration page. Is anyone else having this problem or is this a link somewhere that I’m missing? Thanks.

      2. LIsa says:

        Same here!

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