Koh Samui VIDEO: Standing Meditation Exercise To Strengthen Your Energy!

    Two things, real quick —

    1. Here’s a new video of me on the Thai island of Koh Samui… Watch as I reveal an awesome ‘standing meditation’ exercise that you can use to strengthen your energy and manifest anything you desire like a rocket —

    2. The firesale on ‘Secrets Of Abundant Energy’ ended on Monday because we ran out of stock way sooner than expected. (Don’t worry though, if you already ordered, your program will ship today if it hasn’t already.) However, the good news is that we decided to make the download version available for a just a couple more days.

    Remember, this is a $400 program that will no longer be available in just a few days’ time. This is your last chance to get it at the rock bottom price of just $97 and skyrocket your energy and your creation abilities to new heights! Here’s the link:


    Hope you enjoy the video!

    P.S. Our comment button is now fixed and I’d love to get YOURS!

      4 Responses to “Koh Samui VIDEO: Standing Meditation Exercise To Strengthen Your Energy!”

      1. It later occurred to me that my wave goodbye at the end of the video could be interpreted as a questionable salute of sorts. This obviously was not my intention. 🙂 Matt

      2. wendy says:

        What a beautiful place – am going to Thailand and Vietnam in October. Have been to Thailand some 15 years ago and loved it. I love your emails too as they give me tools to expand my consciousness and also teaches me to relax and to tune in to my inner being. I have appreciated and have learnt so much however I have my own personal favourites that I have found that work for me over many years. I have added to them through your info for which I am so very grateful.At this stage I would like it all but have to determine how I can creatively use and to simplify all these wonderful practices to suit me personally. I would like you to continue to send me material of this uplifting kind but it will take me time to go through it as I find it a little overwhelming at the moment. Congrats on what you are doing – making people aware of the power of their minds and that choosing to change ones thoughts can be so empowering instead of being defeating. I am a bit of a Polly Anna but it is so important to take our thoughts seriously and be able to choose to think positively and kindly about everything in life without losing touch of who we really are and where we are at. We are spirit and it is so good to be in touch with other like minded spirits….to connect in this way and the only way to get there is to go inside through meditation and through correct breathing. Thank you again. Not all that we experience is positive or happy but at the end of it all there are lessons to be learnt and when one gets it, it is so renewing and refreshing even if we have experienced great pain journeying through it. We can all make our experiences mean something – isn’t that great!
        Thank you again and enjoy your wonderful holiday. Warmest greetings from Wendy – South Africa xxxxxxxxxxxx

      3. Hi Wendy,

        Glad you enjoyed the video, and yes, this part of the world is very beautiful. I think you’ll really enjoy seeing it when you visit in October. Yes, Qigong and meditation are wonderful tools for diving into the boundless emptiness within. Great that you have found practices that work for you and I would encourage you to continue.


      4. wendy says:

        So very glad to have a response from you. Really I am not used to the computer…..I am an oldie somewhat so it is a bit strange to me. I am not on facebook and all that – I just have several friends that I share with by exchanging emails so now that I have a response from you it feels a bit like magic….ho hum! That is why I haven’t thanked you earlier as I am not sure how it works.. oh dee dah!
        Well again, thank you and enjoy! Wendy

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