Simple Technique Lowers Stress and Boosts Confidence in Minutes!

    You may have heard how your body language affects how others see you, but did you know that it radically changes how you think and feel about yourself? Social psychologist Amy Cuddy discovered that sitting or standing in a posture of confidence for as little as two minutes, changes your body chemistry, lowers your stress, and improves your chances of success.

    In this video Dr. Cuddy shows how simply changing your posture changes other’s perceptions, your own hormones, and how you think, feel, and behave in remarkable ways:


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      6 Responses to “Simple Technique Lowers Stress and Boosts Confidence in Minutes!”

      1. Brenda says:

        Oh dear, I am so sorry but this lady talked much too quickly for me to assimilate what her subject was. Waves her hand as if she is sending a semaphore message, looks occasionally as if she is loosing her teeth, but I must congratulate her for covering up the fact that she loses the plot occasionally.
        NOT for me but I am sure she is sincere.

      2. Sue Craft says:

        Fantastic information that I plan on using!

      3. Thank you, sincerely, for “Fake it ’til You Make it!” The tendency to ‘not feel good enough’ is a challenging one to face and overcome. Your totally upbeat presentation is the best reminder of accepting our potential and presenting it as we ‘believe in ourselves and in the gifts and talents we have brought to our world to share’. What a beautiful way to start this day… and every day to follow. You Are Wonderful! You Are Loved!

      4. meri says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience. Great inspiration.

      5. jessica says:

        I would like to tell her I am proud of her. I don’t even know her personally, but she is very genuine and inspirational. I feel more curious about this topic after hearing what she had to say. I am glad she didn’t give up, and she is passionate about her work. I have struggled with anxiety, and tend to draw myself in, never feeling totally comfortable. I am giving her advice a try. Thanks!

      6. Lesley says:

        I’m from Cornwall, UK. I have always been shy/no confidence.
        I have never been able to talk in public at all. I freeze up and my mouth goes completely dry. I have just tried the 2 minute exercise, and I feel so much better. I feel confident, and I will do that whenever I have to face anyone I’m not sure of, and the people who make me feel bad about myself. I know now that it will work.
        Thanks so much this is a big help. I will also pass it on to other people like me.

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