How To Love Your Life And Manifest What You Deeply Desire

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      7 Responses to “How To Love Your Life And Manifest What You Deeply Desire”

      1. Maureen says:

        left off at chapter four.Can I get the rest of the program?I love it! maureen

      2. Thank you for the excellent post. It heartens my soul to see what seems to be the convergence of ancient mysticism and modern science. It is my hope and belief that when they truly converge, we will make the next great leap in the evolution of consciousness of mankind.

      3. Tom Cather says:

        HI MATT. I checked out the audio message and after 17-18mins, it ended before giving me the guidelines for the exercise and I cannot find them. Can you help please?

      4. Le-ul says:

        Greetings Matt,
        First let me start by saying, “GUIDELINES…WHERE are these sacred guidelines? Am I to meditate for the answer?” LOL:D Staying balanced is harder than originally thought.These guidelines seem to provide the daily piece that is missing for me to be able to maintain such balance. Where do I get them?
        Oh, and by the way,THANK YOU for taking the time to bring this information forth. As you knew, it was desperately needed and greatly received! You are loved, respected and most definitely appreciated.
        NOW cough up those guidelines mister!!!!!

        Divine Love, Light, and Protection,

      5. Susan says:

        Thank you for sharing this vital information. I teach yoga and I’m always looking for new inspiration to share with my students. The information you gave about deep breathing into the belly helping to stimulate the lymphatic system, and how the lymph system cleanses and nourishes our cells is something I will share with students today. Thank you for reminding me of one the keys ingredients for maintaining good health. Where is the rest of the audio?:) Would love to hear it.

      6. Lubna says:

        Hi Matt,

        Many thanks for yet another brilliant audio! however, like the above, the audio stopped rather abruptly, so I am none the wiser or richer!!!

        Many thanks


      7. Would you please make the transcript for this audio and add some exercise instructions and make the transcript available for download as PDF?

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